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Continuing Education

Help Needed!!!

In order to continue offering classes to our members, we need someone to coordinate them.

If no one steps forward to volunteer as Continuing Education Coordinator, the classes beginning in November will be the last from Friends of Mexico.

Can you lend your organizational skills so our members can keep enjoying classes?

Please contact Nancy Blakeslee! (phone 916-7846)

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Friends of Mexico currently offers Learn-to-Speak Spanish classes at levels from true beginners to advanced.  It's a fun way to learn the language, and our instructors are great!

Classes meet weekly for 2 hours.  Each session lasts 8 weeks.  Prices are $400mn (pesos) for FOM  members, and $450mn (pesos) for non-members.

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A new offering is the Salsa Dance class.  Not only is this a fun and exciting new skill to learn, it's great exercise!

The class is limited to 12 people.  It will meet Saturday mornings, from 10:30 until 1:00.  The cost for 10 classes will be $500mn (pesos) per person.

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We're always looking for more classes to offer.  Do you have a skill, talent, or special interest that you'd be willing to share with our members?  For example...

  • Are you a gourmet chef, or the best baker on your block?

  • Do you paint?  Draw?  Take great photos?

  • Can you help explain the mysteries of computers?

We'll set up a series of classes or just a 1-day seminar.   Or, if you'd like to help coordinate our continuing education program, we have a place for you, too!

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For more information about  our Spanish class, or to volunteer to help, please contact::

Nancy Blakeslee - - phone 916-7846

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