Friends of Mexico

  What is the Friends of Mexico Foundation?

  • The Friends of Mexico Foundation was established to raise and administer funds to further the education of MazatlŠnís underprivileged children.
  • All members of the Foundation Committee are volunteers. The Committee meets frequently to plan, coordinate and present projects to the Board and general membership. 
  • One Hundred percent (100%) of all donations to the Foundation go directly to our education projects. No administration or other fees are deducted from donations.
  •  Friends of Mexico A.C. is audited annually and complies with all Mexican laws and regulations.

  What Projects does the Foundation Sponsor?

In 1999, with proceeds from donations and fundraisers, we started out by providing some elementary students in eight schools with shoes, school supplies, underwear and/or clothing.

 In 2000, after consulting with the Superintendent of Schools, the Committee selected one elementary school in an impoverished neighborhood for our pilot program. We provided the entire first grade class of 39 children at Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz School with uniforms, shoes, school supplies and backpacks. We also purchased teachers' school supplies. The Foundation continues to pursue the original concept and now outfits the entire school, grades 1 - 6, supporting all the children until they complete the sixth grade.

 In 2004, the Foundation committee established scholarships for the top boy and girl from the graduating class at Sor Juana to assist them financially in secondary school. We hope to provide at least two more scholarships each year. Our volunteers work on various projects to improve the school infrastructure, including repairing desks and replacing blackboards.

We have observed that children as old as nine are now entering first grade as a result of our program. Graduation rate has also increased and now most graduates are continuing on to secondary school.

The Friends of Mexico Foundation's "Paul Kolyer Scholarship" supports promising students attending the Municipal Center for the Arts.

In 2005, the Foundation Committee outlined an ambitious plan to increase five-fold by the year 2008 the number of children Friends of Mexico supports. In addition to Sor Juana School, the Foundation now supports other elementary schools in impoverished areas: Venadillo, Josefina Osuna (morning), Josefina Osuna (afternoon), and Flores Magůn. Friends of Mexico also provides school uniforms and basic educational needs to Hogar San Pablo Boys Home. In addition, the Friends of Mexico Foundation has expanded its program to assist students learning a trade at the Felton School of Technology.

Friends of Mexico "Champions" have been assigned to each school to meet with the respective directors and teachers to assess the schools' needs, monitor the effectiveness of our programs and attend school functions. For the past five years, volunteer members have been teaching English at several of our project schools.

We realize that many of these children need more than clothing and school supplies. In our project schools no students have eyeglasses, some are too hungry to concentrate, and others have health issues or are not motivated to learn. There are children who do not realize that their lives can be improved through education. All the schools are in need of repair.

With this in mind, the Friends of Mexico Foundation is setting up a program in which successful professionals from impoverished backgrounds will speak with the children and encourage them to work towards a better future through education. We hope to establish a team of volunteer doctors, dentists and ophthalmologists to visit the schools periodically. The Foundation would like to increase the number of scholarships given to secondary students and trade school applicants because these have proven to be very successful. And there are many talented art, dance and music students that need financial assistance.

  How does the Foundation Raise Funds?

1.  Fundraising Events

Most FOM activities benefit the Friends of Mexico Foundation (though we do have a few that are "just for fun").  Raffles are often included to augment the proceeds.  

2.  Private, Organization, and Corporate Donations

3.  Membership Dues

Our annual $100mn (Peso) membership dues are used to cover administrative expenses.  Any funds left over are applied to the work of the Foundation.

  How Can You Help?

The Friends of Mexico Foundation has impacted the lives of over 1,000 students, but there are so many other school age children who need our help.

For the FOM Foundation to continue its current programs and expand, we need your support.

Do you believe that an education offers them an opportunity to improve their future?  If so, please help!

We would gladly accept your donations
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For further information, please contact:

Jacque Demmer, FOM Foundation Chairperson

Email:  or
Phone (from US or Canada): 011-52-669-981-1786

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