INSEN Program for Senior Citizens

(This is now called the INAPAM card and this information is being updated. In the meantime, you can post your questions on


This won't help the tourist from Canada, but it might help you, Sam, and any other "foreigner" with an FM-2. I put the word foreigner in quotes because I don't consider myself one. I live here, spend my money here, and will be eligible for inmigrado status in one more year. Despite all that, I had to battle the old dragon who runs the Insen program here in Mazatlan and seems resentful of any light-skinned, blue-eyed and relatively well dressed person who crosses her path. If you could see some of the pitifully poor and shabby oldsters who walk through her office door, you might feel the same in her place. We must look like Rockefellers by comparison. Nonetheless, we ARE entitled if age 60 and an FM-2, to get that card, which they call a credencial. It has saved me a ton of money on prescriptions at VIPs which gives a 33 1/3% discount to Insen card holders. It also allows free visits to museums, SOME travel discounts and such. It took me almost a year, persistent visits, and a lot of badgering of the old crone but I finally got the card. Other "foreigners" have been able to get their cards much more readily in Guadalajara and Cuernavaca, so we have to assume there's some special prejudice against us in Sinaloa (or maybe just in Mazatlan). I wrote up the entire experience, including what's required, in a back issue of the Friends of Mexico newsletter, so if you know somebody who's a member, ask them to look it up for you.

Thanks to Jackie Peterson for this article, originally posted on Mazinfo.