Lot for Sale–Ice Box Hill

This is a large lot (actually it is two lots, so could be split) on Ice Box Hill in the downtown/old town area of Mazatlan. It is quite large at 831 meters (just under 9000 sq. ft. ) with a breath-taking view of Olas Altas Bay and old Mazatlan. The Pacific ocean is laid out before you as you watch the waves break on the oldest area of Mazatlan. It IS a hillside lot, but some terracing has already been done and there are several other homes on this exact type of lot. During Carnival in Mazatlan, you will have a fabulous view of the ship to shore fireworks show!  Most of the homes on this hill are above $350,000 USD and some are well above that price. There is enough room on this lot to build anything your heart desires. At $141,200 USD it is well priced. If you could find a lot the same size in the flat area of Mazatlan, with no view (and you can't ) the price would be about the same.
$141,200 USD


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