Lot for Sale–Habal/Cerritos


This is a very large parcel of land in a rural area, but only 10 minutes from Mazatlan. It is located on the paved ‘Habal/Cerritos’ road which leads from both the free road and the toll road north from Mazatlan. When driving from the US to Mazatlan, this is the road that has a very large sign for the “North Beaches.” The land is on the south side of the road and has about 1 Km. ( ˝ mile ) of highway frontage.

This triangular property contains 10 Hectares (24.7 acres) right on the highway. The price ( $37 Pesos per meter, or .37 cents per square foot) is quite low for Mazatlan land now. City lots are selling for from $10 to $30 US per sq. foot. Even out of town what little we can find is $1.50 US per foot.

The property is about 3 miles inland from the soon to be developed “Nuevo Mazatlan” project and the beach. Well water is very easy as the water table is only 10 feet down. Septic systems are also quite easy. Electricity is along the street so it also is readily available. It could be split into 24 one-acre parcels (nothing like that exists in Mazatlan now) so it could be set up for mini-estates or gentleman ranchers. A unique opportunity for only $400,000 US.

One possibility would be 24 one-acre parcels at $30,000 each. 24 X $30,000 = $720,000 - $400,000 = $320,000 Profit.

$400,000 USD


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