Our Policy Statement

We, at Mazatlan Homes, feel it is important for you to know who you are dealing with. Buying a home is the biggest purchase most people make. It can be somewhat intimidating. In a foreign country that is even truer. When making a home purchase in Mexico, it is vital that you deal with reputable people, and that you feel comfortable with them and the way they handle your transaction.

We are certainly not the only real estate brokers in Mazatlan. We do, however, think we are your best choice. Why?

1. We are a professional, full time real estate agency. We do not handle rentals. We do not do time-shares. We handle real estate, period. (If you let it be known here you would like to buy a home, you will find out every other waiter and every third taxi driver "sells" real estate. Usually their cousin or brother in law or an uncle has "a beautiful house for sale." If they are really the owner, and if the deed is correct, and if the taxes are current, you might find a good deal. If there is any problem, you are on your own.)

2. We have operated out of the same office for 5 years. Many brokers here operate out of their home. We have a web site. We are members of AMPI (The Mexican Realtors Association). We have e-mail so we can stay in touch. We have a fax. We have had the same phone for many, many years. We are easy to find and easy to stay in touch with.

3. We have the highest ethical standards. There are no 'disclosure statements' in Mexico, but if we know of a situation (flood plane, a cantina next door, the roof needs work, etc.), we are going to divulge that to you. We of course cannot tell you of something we do not know about, but you will know everything we know, and have our honest opinions about structure, area values, future value, etc.

4. Our prices do not change. The price the owner agrees to is the price we list it for, and it is the price we show on our web site. That's not to say we won't help buyers and sellers negotiate prices through us. But it will save you a lot of time not dealing with buyers who will increase the price once they have an interested buyer.

5. Our job is to listen to you the buyer (or seller), and try to get what you want. Whether your price range is $50,000 or $500,000 we look for listings (both ours and any other listing we can find) in that range. We do not try to bump you into more expensive homes just to get a higher commission. You know what you can afford. We try to find that for you.

6. We try to find as many homes in your range as possible. Sure we want to sell our listings. We have quite a few. But if we do not have the "Right One," we will search all available listings to try to find that special home. We use our listings, the Multiple listings from AMPI, other brokers listing, every available web site, in some cases, even 'For Sale by Owner,' although they are very frustrating. Probably half of the "For Sale by Owner" houses I have tracked down for clients were sold years ago, they just never took the sign down. Or they decided not to sell and never took the sign down. Or since it did not sell last year, they decided to raise the price 20%. But most common is, it is not actually for sale. They just want to see how many people would be interested if they did decide to sell.

7. Service before, during, and after the sale. You are going to have questions all along the way. We are going to be with you all along the way. From the first house I sold to the one I will sell tomorrow, my former customers are now friends. I still answer questions from people I sold houses to 5 years ago. We will be there for you until the process is done, and will continue well into the future.