US financed home loans in Mexico

    For years we had no way to help Americans and Canadians who wanted to move to Mexico but did not have enough cash to buy their desired home in Paradise. Well, things have changed! We are now able to offer financing to those who have some cash, and a nice retirement or are still working. (Many of our clients are 2 to 5 years away from retirement, but want to buy NOW before prices drive them out of this market like it has in Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.)

   Your loan is funded by a US lender, and your credit is based on your US assets and secured by the home in Mexico. Each company has different requirements and terms, so we recommend you check with each company. Here is a start about their information.
Collateral International has 10 years' experience lending in Mexico. Loans are for 10, 15 or 20 years at FIXED interest rates. Their minimum loan is $100,000 US and the maximum is $1,400,000 US. They will lend (based on several factors) up to 80% of the purchase price. Rates will depend on your credit score, length of the term, and your down payment. They are WAY under Mexican bank rates, from as low as 6.5% to as high as 8.125%. Closing costs run from 7 to 10% of the purchase price, but include everything. Loan fees, bank trust fees, title search, title insurance and escrow. In other words, everything. Just click on their link above and you are on your way!
Wall Street Associates has 65 years of loan experience in the US and is now doing loans here in Mexico. They offer fixed rate loans with attractive interest rates and are also offering loans for lot acquisition here now. Home and condo loans at 7.9% and up to 20 years terms! Home loans are for 10, 15 and 20 years with 30% down. They can even do loans under their $100,000 minimum, as a loan in pesos, for 20 years at 11.99% Just click on their link and you can go through their website and even download the forms you will need to fill out to get started! The loan fees vary from 6 to 7% and include the bank trust fees, title search, etc.  Bernardo Gonzalez at is their local representative and has already done several loans for our clients. They have many different types of loans and have been extremely responsive to our clients.  Sandi Vandiver is their local rep. at and is here in Mazatlan also. Chuck Barson can be reached at  You can contact Steve Sidwell at