Beaches of Mazatlán 

No question, you can enjoy the beaches along the Golden Zone. But if you've had your fill of crowded beaches, beach vendors, and expensive drinks, then head for one of these beaches away from the Golden Zone and discover the Mazatlán that the locals appreciate!

Isla de la Piedra—Stone Island. Catamarán Renegado has group tours (phone 981-71-54) or take a taxi to the ferry which is near the cruise ship docks, and explore at your leisure. There are open air restaurants and miles and miles of deserted beaches. The ferry costs about 10 pesos roundtrip and leaves about every 20 minutes. Enjoy a variety of optional activities or walk barefoot on the beach without seeing another human being—all the while, with tropical palm trees as far as you can see inland.

Olas Altas. (Old Town.) The name means "high waves" and even though the beach area is small, it is greatly enjoyed by the locals on the weekends. It is very unpopulated during the week and offers a quiet repose with no beach vendors. There are several outdoor restaurants from which you can enjoy the breaking waves.

Punta Camarón and Playa Sábalo are on each side of Valentinos in the Golden Zone and attract local surfers, and also include a lot of beach vendors in search of willing tourist buyers.

Playa Bruja and Punta Cerritos. Take any of the "Cerritos" buses from the Golden Zone and enjoy some of the most beautiful and isolated beaches that Mazatlán has to offer. There are open-air restaurants for lunch and a cold beverage and even horseback riding with Ginger's Bilingual Horses!


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