Samples of Basic Mexican Dishes in Mazatlán

Carne Asada:
Roast Beef, may be served in a taco, or cut up pieces with potatoes or vegetables.

Asada a la Plaza: Generally is grilled beef, cut up into pieces, served with potatoes and/or another vegetable with lettuce, onions and tortillas.

Pollo a la Plaza: Grilled chicken with potatoes and/or another vegetable served with lettuce, onions and tortillas.

Gorditas: Open-faced thick corn tortilla deep fried topped with beans, a topping such as chicken, pork or beef, and lettuce, onions, etc. Sometimes you can order this with a piece of grilled chicken on the side (Gorditas y Pieza Pollo).

Chiles Rellenos: Pablano chili stuffed with cheese, breaded and pan fried or deep fried. Sometimes served in a soupy ranchero sauce. I've never figured out why the name is always plural on the menu but they almost always only bring one chili.

Tacos: Soft flour or corn tortillas filled with your choice of beef, pork, chicken or shrimp.

Tamales: My favorite Mexican basic food. NOT like tamales you get up-north. Interestingly, they aren't that easy to find. Chicken, beef or pork with a few veggies or potato piece surrounded by cornmeal and wrapped in corn husks. Sweet versions are also sold.

Pozole: Bowl of seasoned stew with pork and hominy. Usually served with onions and cabbage on the side to add as you wish.

Refrescos: Soda Pop. In addition to the ever-present Coke and Pepsi, try a carbonated apple cider, or Toni Col—a locally bottled vanilla-based soda.

Liquados: Blended fruit drinks with or without milk.

Agua Frescas: Could be anything from fruit flavored water drinks to mashed sweetened rice mixed with ice water. These are made with purified water and safe ice cubes.


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