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Name or Service Comments Submitted by:
Arq. Armando Galvan
Ave. Rafael Buelna 80
He has a lot of expertise on construction (valentinos disco) and remodeling old town houses. (Speaks English.) Gordon Gilkey
Car Repair/Mechanics 
Victor LaMarque
I have n 84 VW Vanagon which Victor LaMarque has worked miracles on so I know he has tools. He speaks great english and is an all around nice person. If he can't do it perhaps he can forward you to someone. His e-mail was/is A. K. Khacho
Auto Electrico Manuel I have a 1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer here in Mazatlán and have had several electrical problems fixed at 'Auto Electrico Manuel' on Rafael Buelna. Going out R. Buelna go past the stoplight at Gigante about 2 blocks on the right. He is right next door to 'Muebles Valdez'. He is usually very prompt and is always priced right. No special 'gringo´ prices. David Bodwell
Brakes and Clutches
I don't know about the Chrysler dealer but I and some of my friends have had real good luck on brake and clutch jobs at Calzados. They are a very modern, clean business on La Marina just 8 blocks South of the light at Gigante. David Bodwell
Auto Electrical** I've had excellent luck and so have some of my friends with the auto electric shop on Rafael Buelna right across the street from the bull ring. Right next door to Muebles Valdez, the furniture store. The boss is Manuel who speaks some English. His prices have ALWAYS been local prices NOT gringo prices. I've had several different repairs done and even had a minor warranty (with their work) problem which was handled quickly, efficiently and FREE. NOTE: Get there at 9:00AM or as soon after as possible or he will be booked up for most of the day. Even the locals know he's good. David Bodwell
Omar, works with Dr. Cristiani
044-669-911-5555, 983-0304
My 83 year old mother and another resident of the Melville use Omar (I don't remember his last name!). He works with Dr. Cristiani, an excellent Orthopedist who also has been providing him with receipts so my mom's US insurance will cover it. He speaks English well, is really nice and caring and goes to the Melville to treat them. Lani Wooll
Dr. Alberto Castillo Mayorquin
981 3773
I'm a marathon runner, and I had been part in 20 of these killers, in some cities of USA ....I have a good Dr. who take good care of my injuries...his name is Dr .Alberto Castillo Mayorquin, and I highly recommend to you, I think he can help you...his office is in downtown next to the main market inside the drugstore " Farmacia del Carmen" Salvador
Computer Support
Jorge Herran
Cell 669-941-1518 or 669-120-0249
Home: 985-5599
Jorge has been recommended by many list readers for being able to solve many software issues and helping in set up Vonage, etc. services.


Various mazinfo posters
Aztech PC Support
Phone (669) 9834868, Cell Phone (669) 9943705


César González / Eduardo García
Computer repair, computer maintenance, tech support, advice, computer sales, web-page design, domain name registration for e-commerce, system development, and just about everything for your computer solutions. Fast high quality service at your boat is available. English spoken.
Bob Story
  Angela Peralta Theater & Plazuela Machado Events
click on the English tab for info in English.

Connie Mazita
Dentists/Dental Services
Dr. Doken
981 03 22
"We know an excellent dentist. We have not had crown work done by him so I'm not sure if he does that, but if not, he'll have a good recommendation. He speaks perfect English, and does not believe in charging "gringos" more than the locals he treats. He did some gum surgery on my husband, who has a similar problem as you with Novocain. Bill came home so surprised as he didn't have any problems with the Novocain, and he had absolutely no pain. He said that Dr. Doken even managed to make him feel comfortable during the procedure, which was a first for him! His office is down the street from Pedro and Lola's restaurant. He's quite busy, but give him a call, if he can help he'll work you in, and if not, I would feel very comfortable with anyone he recommended. Hope this helps. J Demmer."
{{Note from Rick. I spoke with him by phone. At the time he did no crowns. He recommended Dr. Jose Eugenio Gonzoles  and said he'd trust his own mouth to this dentist. At the time he charged 200 pesos for a cleaning. His practice is mainly periodontistry, gum surgery, etc.}}
Jacque Demmer
Dr. Jose Eugenio Gonzales Constantino. 985 18 48 " the Central Market area. I'll be arriving in Mazatlan 3-20-99 from Seattle with a friend who will also be trying out this dentist. A friend of mine who knows Dr. Steve Meese from Homer, Alaska (also a dentist) recommended him."

Rick's comments updated 5/07:
I've been to Dr. Gonzales several times now for cleaning, a tooth extraction, a crown and have always been very happy with his work. Rates as of this date are about 2800 p for a smaller crown up front and about 3200 p for larger crowns in back. This last crown was the best care I've received from any previous dentists in the US.

Sharon Murray
(also used by Rick L.
Dr. Joel Moran
985 20 73
"Rick, my regular dentist is Dr. Joel Moran. He doesn't charge "gringo" prices. Carretera Internacional, almost opposite from Arce and Osuna, between the Central Camionera and Lola Beltran. Martha Armenta
Dr. Cristobal Gonzalez Nuño
982 89 84
"The best dentist of this world and adjacent planets is Dr. Cristobal Gonzalez Nuño. His office is on Calle Tte Azueta, phone 982 89 84. Tell him that Gonzalo recommended you. He is reasonable with prices. Gonzalo
Dr. Morelos Chong
913 60 68
"Try Dr. Morelos Chong, just above Domino's Pizza. His phone number is 913 60 68 and he is a perfectionist, just what you want in a dentist. Best wishes, Nadine & Henry."
{{From Rick: This dentist was also recommended by Josefina in a phone call. I spoke with him by phone. His English was great. At the time, crowns were 2000 pesos, fillings about 200 pesos depending on size, cleaning is normally 300 pesos.}}

Update 6/07
Dr. Morelos Chong has moved and is now above the Sushi Place across from Hertz on Camaron Sabalo. That is the same shopping center as Dr. Backman, the Chiropractor.

Dr. Morelos Chong just made me a new bridge, and he is still the ultimate perfectionist. Prices have gone up a bit, he now charges 3,000 pesos per crown (June 2007).

Henry & Nadine

Renate Gray update 6/07

Dr. Osuna "There are a number of good dentists here...we use Dr. Osuna who has an office right on the front of the Plaza Ley...many people here at Las Canaos have used him for years. He is very concerned about hurting he is pretty painless. Last Spring my wife had a tooth that was broken off pulled and a four tooth cost $500 U.S. In the states, our dentist said it would have been $2500 minimum and after looking at the job...said OK...which with him is praise! Also, this guy will take you right in without an appointment...or he has us."

Comment submitted 5/06 from Chris Kerins:
Have also used Dr. Osuna (the dentist) and have been very pleased. He is courteous and professional.


Robert Schmitt
Dr. Foci. Javier Bouttier Echeagaray
Papagayo No. 710 (Cotiguoa Motel Papagayo) Facc. Lomas del Mar
982 47 67
" the only dentist I recommend and he can do everything you asked for at the identical local prices (this was my first question I asked)."
{{From Rick: I spoke with him by phone. He speaks great English and he does everything, but he didn't want to quote any prices on the phone. Finally said that porcelan crowns were around 1000-1500 pesos, cleanings were between 200-300. He seemed a little short of patience that I was asking questions on the phone (could have caught him at a bad time).
Ray Damerell
Dr. Joaquin Valdez Lizárraga
985 12 15, home: 913 56 46
Zaragoza 1337, centro
"I recommend him highly." Chuyita Cuevas
Dr. Togo Asuna
913 15 52
"We have used a dentist that we have recommended over the past two years and everyone seems to love him. Dr. Togo Asuna. He is located in the Leys shopping center on Carretera International about one block south of Calz. Rafael Buelna. His office is facing the street, Carretera Intl. He does not speak much English and so we always just arrive at his door and between his little English and sign language he will know what we want. He is great and he is concerned about pain." Robert Schmitt
and Ruby
Dr. Jorge Urrea Agraz
Phone 981 02 87
Located at Mariano Escobedo #17 Roger Culbertson &
Joe Ketchum
Dra. Gloria Alonso
984 0123, 984 88 81
In Lomas. Speaks English, good, gentle, no "gringo" rates. {{I phoned and learned that Alonso is a periodontist. Cleanings were 250 pesos. In the same office is another dentist that does crowns and fillings, also English speaking.}} Ed Lacy
Dr Jaime Diaz**
My wife and my self had root canals done by our dentist here. He does all. I just had an extraction on a severely broken tooth last week. My wife was a Dental assistant her whole working life, and she thinks Dr Jaime Diaz is GREAT! He speaks perfect English and has all the latest equipment. Phone 983-3300. He is in the La Gran Plaza Mall local 1-32 Unknown poster


Dra Leticia Osuna
(669) 913-1222 Camaron Sabalo 204-21


Dra Osuna is a wonderful dentist. She has a BS degree from UAG, as well as a Masters from the same school. Not only are her prices very reasonable compared to USA or Canada, but she is one of the few dentists willing to guarantee all of her work. She is one of the better compromises between quality dental care and very reasonable costs. She is also bilingual. Anon from web
Dr. Eduardo Ibarra Zambrano
Just had an upper plate made by Dr. Ibarra and it was inexpensive and fitted perfectly. He takes great pride in not causing any pain while working on you. Speaks excellent English too. Bob Story
Dr. Estrada**
Dr. Estrada, Camaron Sabalo#204-13. It is located in corner of small mini-mall near Cyber Cafe in the Golden Zone. there is also a bike shop next to the office. Tele: 914-1622. I know he does root canals, and he did a four tooth bridge for me. He speaks excellent English. Good luck! Unknown poster
Ernesto Bertrand Morales**
985 6150
I have just had a root canal done by him and am very pleased. His office is 1st class and he is extremely competent. Unknown poster
Dr. Alejandro Shimizu Kelly**
Dr. Alejandro Shimizu Kelly, in the Plaza Valencia building two doors from Bancomer in the Golden Zone. Phone no. 913-7101. He just did a root canal on me with a very gentle touch. And he speaks English. And he is clean, clean, clean. Plus, he plays soft music while he and his dentist-wife, Anita, work on your teeth. Unknown poster
Jose Gallardo**
I recommend Dr. Painless. His real name is Jose Gallardo. He has a practice in El Centro with his father, Jose (senior),at #27 Melchor Ocampo which intersects Cinco de Mayo. Jose (junior) is a very astute young man who speaks excellent English, has a great sense of humour, and is very good at what he does. He is also very reasonable. I call him Dr. Painless as he is very gentle and I felt very relaxed throughout the procedure. Jack Moreau
Dr. Karl H. Dolker**
A really good periodontist is Dr. Karl H. Dolker. He's located at Constitucion # 611 Suite # 3(just 1/2 block east of Pedro & Lola's and the Plazuela Machado), phone 981-0322. He's very good and doesn't gringoize prices. He speaks decent English. If you call the receptionist speaks only Spanish so check the listing in General Dentistry for a phonetic Spanish way to ask for him. Just substitute DOHL kayr for ay DOO-AHR doh. David Bodwell
Dr. Francisco Gavito/Dr. Beatriz Jaime
Camaron Sabalo Ave. 51, office 10
Let me recommend you the best dentist team in Mazatlan; Dr. Francisco Gavito and his wife Dr. Beatriz Jaime. Both of them speak very fluent English, and were able to see us the same day we requested an appointment. Also they have two workstations, so they could work on my wife and me at the same time. Their office is extremely clean, and have the latest gadgets for dental treatments. Both of them were very nice and polite. Also, since we were staying at the golden zone, we did not have to go all the way downtown to get our work done. Their prices were very adequate, they also have great knowledge of what-to-do stuff in the city, highly recommended!!!  Bruce Waylan


Doctors / Medical Services
Dr. Andres Pimental
cell: 044-669-925-1316
In my opinion, the best internist in Mazatlan is Dr. Andres Pimental, whose offices are in a quadrangle across the street from Sharp Hospital, Plaza Las Conchas.L 3-A, phone no.984-1610, or reachable any time by cellphone. Jackie Peterson
Dr. Miguel Guzman
Recommended by many mazinfo members as a caring doctor who speaks great English, charges reasonably and will even make house calls. Rick Lewis and by various mazinfo members
Dra. Rosi and Dra. Angeles Cervantes**
I can highly recommend both Dra. Rosi and Dra. Angeles Cervantes, both M.D. doctors highly educated in Mexico City, but holistic health healers on many Levels. Dra. Rosi is 100% bilingual - her English is near perfect. Dra. Angeles's English is less, but adequate (she was one of my private english students for some years). Dra. Angeles also specializes In Acupuncture, and they both deal with many branches of holistic health and healing. Unknown poster
Plastic Surgery
Anna Chang
Anna Chang is a first-class plastic surgeon. office: 9830214 cel : 044 6699120351 home : 913 9984 (mainly at night or for emergency)
Dr. Mock (her unbiased husband) and by many mazinfo members
Dr. Abraham Pacheco Ureña
I have a great cardiologist for you. Dr. Abraham Pacheco Ureña. His office is in the Polimedico building near Sharp Hospital 986-4644, cell: 044-669-9198311. He is a cousin to a long-timer mazinfo member. Rick Lewis
Nurse Carol
Many of us Gringo's are so very thankful for Nurse Carol from Canada available to assist us from Octish to Mayish. Maz Support Crew
Dr. Alberto Donnadieu**
Dr. Alberto Donnadieu, Carnival 1611 Suite 3 Centro. Excellent, speaks English. Had a friend go to him and they were very impressed with him. 982-0186 Office, or 982-2597 Home 916-0991. Unknown poster
Dra. Aida Lopez**
When there were events at the palapa on Isla Mazatlan I met a dermatologist who came out to educate the people living on their boats about skin care....she gave great information on preventative care for your skin....she does full body checks and her prices are reasonable....her name is Dra. Aida Lopez she is located on av. Rafael Buelna 300-1 (block closest to where you drive thru to pay your electric bill) tel is 9-841507. She speaks and understands a moderate level of English....although i am not sure if her secretary does. Unknown poster
Dr. Levid Torres**
Gen. Practitioner, Emergency Surgeon
I, among many others, highly recommend Dr. Levid Torres. He's not only perfectly bilingual but almost completely bicultural. He ran the ER at Sharp's Hospital for a number of years. He is REALLY a good doctor who keeps up-to-date on everything. He's located at Carnaval # 1611 Suite # 1, phone 981-0855. I, and my family, go to him FIRST for practically any medical problem. David Bodwell
Opthamologist, Eye Surgery
Dr. Edgar Echeverria**
I recommend Dr. Edgar Echeverria. I haven't had any eye surgery, but when I need an opthamologist for anything I always go see him. He speaks very good English and I've never had to go back a second time for any problem I or my family has seen him about. He also does all kinds of laser eye surgeries and proceedures. He's located in the small shopping center just south of (behind) the BaNorte building on the corner where you turn off Rafael Buelna to go to Sharp's Hospital (or Sam's Club). His office is in the suite "Humana Rehabitación". David Bodwell
Opthamologist, Eye Surgery
Daniel Ochoa**


Daniel Ochoa in the Sharp polimedica building. He consults every Friday in Mazatlan. He is highly regarded in Mexico.

I recently had surgery done here in Mazatlan for cataracts. I had one eye done followed in two weeks by the second eye.

Unknown contributor
Opthamologist, Eye Surgery
Dr. L. Wonjoy** Figueroa Wong
669 981 00 75
Dr. L. Wonjoy Figueroa Wong does surgery for cataracts. Unknown contributor


Dr. Flores Jaime
985 0217
Dr. Flores Jaime is another good (very good) Opthalmologist. His phone number is 985 0217. It does not matter if you do not speak Spanish. Most doctors in town speak english, specially those who are specialist in some field of medicine.

Armando González


Armando Gonzlez


Rosa Maria Gomez Alvarez
Acupunture, massage therapy, naturopath, holistic healing, and small inventory of herbal medicines. Recommended by many mazinfo contributors
Dra. Elena Guerra**


I have seen Dra. Elena Guerra for over 10 years. She is very good. The only drawback is that her spoken English is poor. She reads English just fine. She is located at Juan Carrasco # 817 (about 2 1/2 blocks north of the stoplight at Gutierrez Najera - the Fisherman's Monument street) upstairs. David Bodwell
Dr. Saul Urias Martinez**
044 669 918 1425 (his cell, must dial all the #s) orhis home 981-3889 Unknown contributor
Dr. Elias Avelino Javer Fernandez.
If you phone to make an appointment, his name is Dr. Javer. (It gets confusing with all the names.) Some friends of mine had both Colonoscopy and Endoscopy and said they were very happy with his service. They were put to sleep at Sharp hospital for the procedures and both procedures cost under $400 US. Don’t know the current cost. He speaks English. Office visits are about 350 pesos. His office is in the Polimedica Building near Sharp Hospital, room 308. Phone: 984-2484. Don’t know if the cell is still the same: 044-669-918-0460.

Comments by Stefanie:
My husband had a colonoscopy Feb 2006. Also treated me for amoebas. I will be going for my colonoscopy this year. Husband even got pictures - no one else we know has pictures :)

Update by Rick May 07: I had my first colonoscopy and endoscopy and I wish scared to death of both procedures. The whole process could not have been handled better or with less discomfort. It's definitely cheaper to have both at one time. Rates as of this date were 3200 p for each procedure or 3900 for both at the same time. Like Stefanie said, I've got color photos and a DVD (haven't watched it yet) but imagine it's something I won't invite the friends over to view.


Rick L.

Stefanie Wedler


Dr.Juan Jose Porras
Balboa Hospital and Walk In Clinic. Golden Zone.
Ph. 916 7933
English speaking Physician, General Practitioner, Family Practice. Urgent Care. At Balboa Clinic they have different rates, but he charged me local rates, same as at Divina Providencia because I am a maz/resident. He came to my house.  Bill Thomasi 
Dr. Juan Carlos Guzman Garcia
Dr. Guzman is a Gynecologist. He speaks perfect English, is caring and patient. He is located downtown but is in the process of moving to the Polimedica building (near Sharp's Hospital) and also works out of Sharp's. I highly recommend him to all the ladies if they have "feminine" concerns.  Rosaline McGarry
Domestic Services/Housekeeping
Rosi Santillan
982 0090
Rosi has been working in many homes of the downton area. Speaks little english but is smart and good worker.

She is a single mother and her two children have illnes that need a lot of medical care.


Fish/Shrimp Taco Stand I would like to recommend a fish/shrimp taco stand near the intersection of Av. de las Américas and Av. Independencia. Ask for Mrs. Nena Valverde, owner and chief cook. Try their marlin tacos, which are my favorites :p... And be careful with the sauce; it looks like mashed avocatoes (guacamole), but it's only green fire. Xavier Padilla
D'Rochin Comida Corrida My favorite place in Centro for comida corrida. Current rates are about 22 to 24 pesos for lunch. And we're talking home cooking! Stand up to the counter and point to the dishes you want. I usually order steamed vegies, spaghetti del jour and a breaded chicken or fish for under 25 pesos.  Rick Lewis
Cocina de Esther
On Aquiles Serdan -1/2 blk S. of the Market


Great family run business, with fast service AND air conditioning. Popular with local business people as it is fast good and cheap. Last time I went it had just been raised to 30 pesos from 25 for the comida corrida. There are several main meal choices, plus soup, a drink AND FLAN for dessert. You pay mamma Esther who sits by the door, as you leave. It is a bit tucked inside what looks like an office building, but it is worth the search. It has glass doors and the sign is painted on the glass over the doors (inside this big building entrance) Provecho! Marlene Santana
Adolfo's Mobile Hot Dog Stand Adolfo sets up directly across Zaragosa from the Baked Potato guys. Now, potatoes and hot dogs might sound ordinary, but wrong! Adolfo is there most nights from about 6 until 9 or 10. He is the only vendor in Mazatlan that I have seen who wears plastic gloves for handling money. His stand is spotless, and you can create all kinds of hot dog variations, plus burgers if you want. This is Santana's first choice while the potatoes across the street are mine, with Adolfo being a close second. You can try both for under 20 pesos total if I recall correctly. He will play his guitar and sing when he has a lull in "dog" traffic. He can speak English if you coax him. Nice polite guy. His family also owns the flower shop just a few feet away on Zaragosa, but that is a different category!  Marlene Santana
Eateries--Mid Range
Las Brochetas
Raphael Buelna
If you haven't tried Las Brochetas, on Raphael Buelna, you don't know what you've been missing. After careful consideration, we chose the Rib Eye steaks served with baked potato and small salad. Absolutely delicious, folks! After ordering, we watched the other guests being served and were sure we'd made a mistake.... we hadn't! Ours was just as good as everything else. Las Brochetas is open from Tuesday through Sunday, roughly noon til midnight. Another of Mazatlan's well- kept secrets... we're happy we decided to stop and wanted to pass the information on to you. Buen Provecho, amigos!  Lee Jacobs
Variety of Khacho's recommendations from a mazinfo post So let me add my favorites to the list. I enjoy an early morning swim in front of the Balboa Towers and then a leisurly "before work" breakfast at their ocean front restaurant. Their all inclusive is only $30 pesos and is quite good.

There is a small restaurant in front of the Oceana Palace called "Lupitas". She serves a great fish dinner with a large coke for only $45 pesos. I have been told her other dishes are good as well.

I like Tuesday night 2x1 pizza at Dominos via my house. $89 pesos for two mediums delivered!

And then there is the large popcorn with free refill for $18 pesos on Wednesdays at the Cine Gaviotas where the movie is only $17 pesos. Ok so I like popcorn for dinner once a week.

And there is the little guy who sells tacos out behind my bookshop "Evolucion". Can't beat him for a quick lunch. 2 tacos and a big glass of Horchata for $18 pesos.

Other than that I eat a home or at Jungle Juice. I am always sure of the quality at Jungle Juice, and if Chava makes me some of his great cooking-even better. He is by far one of the best cooks I have ever known!

A.K.Khacho khachosan@
Guamuchilito Guamuchilito, is typical seafood fresh spot, wide open place, very well know by the mazatlecos , I saw that business born back in 1979 in a small street stand , has 2 locations by Insurgentes street the G1 & G2 , typical dishes as empanadas of shrimp, pescado zarandeado (fish on charcoal usually red snaper) , campechanas mix of seafood served in a cold juice of shrimp , etc. etc...or ask for what I usually they serve me, dozen of fresh oysters on their shell , and a big plate of raw scallops ....I don't drink alcohol. but it sounds good when you eat this things with a cold corona!!!!!!!! ...just be careful I hear all this things are very exotic food :-))) chava barraza
Variety of listings posted by Chava on mazinfo 1.-Roca Mar ...ave del mar ask for Carmen
2.-Casa Gaviotas
The following is no longer in business.
4.- For SeaFood, try "Los Arcos" clean and good . ask for fausto .
5.-For fresh seafood mexican style try " El Guamuchilito" great fresh oysters, shrimps ........very good and very reasonable ..ask for Fortino
6.- Another good spot is Caffe Minnesota, great breakfast, lunch and dinner..ask for Tony.....

I know them You will enjoy them, satisfaction guarantee or your money back!!!!!!!!

chava barraza
El Cuchupetas
Villa Unión
One of my favorite spots for seafood at reasonable prices. It's another five minutes drive from the airport turnoff so it makes a nice spot for a farewell lunch or a welcome to Mazatlan lunch. Closed evenings. I recommend the brocheta with shrimp, big chucks of delicious white fish, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, grilled over charcoals. The flavor is fantastic. Currently priced at 80 pesos. They also have other shrimp and crab dishes, zorandeado (grilled whole fish in foil with veggies). Their waiters tell me only 10% of their business comes from Mazatlan. The majority come from Tepic, Guadalajara, etc. Located at Jesus Carranza y Reforma #301, but ask anyone on the street and they'll all point you in the right direction. Rick Lewis
Mr. Lionso Restaurant at Playa Bruja

N on Sabalo Cerritos to end of the road, and quick left to Playa Bruja (Bruja Beach)

One of Mazatlan's best kept secrets, Mr. Lionso Restaurant is situated on the ocean looking toward the Golden Zone. We have dined there often and enjoy it each and every time. We have seen dolphins near the shore, and almost always surfers. Fabulous food! Lots of fun. Easy transportation. Happy Hour from 5:00pm to closing. Some places call it Happy Hour when they serve you 2 half drinks. Bugs the heck out of me! At Mr. Lionso's you get 2 full-sized drinks ... generous portion of booze ... in large goblets ... all for the price of one ... all night long, every day. Gilberto y Gilberto 
Eateries--High End
El Griego  Excellent food & service. (Former co-owner of Il Mosto.) Jackie
981-1133** We have a reliable speedy electrician (whom we received a referral on) His phone number is 981-1133 or cel 044 669 100 7103. We have used him several times for various little projects and he comes when he says he will. Speak Spanish to him. Marlene Santana
I highly recommend an electrician who did a fairly large job at my house. Not only was he as professional as any US licensed electrician (unusual in Mexico), but he checked out everything else in my house and corrected it for only a small additional charge. He speaks English. His name is Lupillo. His address is Coronel Medina # 610, Col. Sanchez Celis (this is the one-way south main street on the east side of Col. Sanchez Celis. Going east on Rafael Buelna turn right 2 blocks past the first stoplight after the bullring). David Bodwell
Ismael Plazola Salcido
(044-669) 153-8924
Ismael is a young, competent, friendly electrician. Well mannered and timely, he speaks primarily Spanish, but understands most English, and speaks some. It has been delightful to have him do work for us on several occasions. He respects and protects the property in the work zone, does good work, and cleans up the work site after himself. If you need help contacting Ismael (because of language), let me know via e-mail and I'll help.   Joe Devine
Hotel Playa Mazatlan Good buffet at Playa Mazatlan on Friday night. on the beachfront, under the stars, wonderful live music, dancing, Beer, salad bar and charcoal meats with desert and coffee. 95 pesos starts at 8 P.M. Dorothy Faith
Fine Dining Suggestions
Pedro & Lola
Plazuela Machado
Recommended by several locals for a nice quiet evening, many nights with live music, and a menu that is varied and reasonably priced. The interior is a showcase for various local artists. A nice place for a glass of wine after an evening at the theatre. Suggested by
several from
mazinfo posts
Housesitting / Housecleaning Services
David Chavarria Cortinas
981 0029
Rick, I want to share this information with you for what it is worth----maybe to help a friend in dire straights--I went to the Shrimp Bucket tonight and haven't been there in months----I discovered that 2 people that have worked there for years have an unadvertised business of housecaring----and if you have been there you will know them---one is a waiter and one is the cook and they are doing this with their wives-----at present they are maintaining 3 homes -----they are doing plants, cleaning, jacuzzies, etc-----I do not know their prices ----and they do not want to advertise-----maybe because they have a job---maybe because of taxes---i don't know------but I do know the guys are nice and stable------The waiters name is David Chavarria Cortinas----he can be reached at the Shrimp Bucket or at his home----9810029----he begins his vacation in August and will be at home most of the month except for a visit to his moms----the other man is also David and he is a cook there-----I do not have his home phone-----they seem to be on track and are doing it gradually. Martha Whatley
Claudia Pardo
I have found a great housecleaner after much trial and error. Claudia Pardo does an excellent job and is very detail oriented. She knows exactly what products to use for various materials like Marble, Granite, Stainless etc. She does not speak English but is very easy to communicate with her. Her husband is available by phone during the day and he speaks perfect English. Her home phone has an answering machine. She Currently cleans condos in Las Gavias Residential and would like to expand her business. If you need a more glowing recommendation feel free to call me at 954-0277. Andy Greco
Abby's Home & Pet Sitting Service
916-6331 or 044-669-142-5212
Abby is Canadian who has lived in Mazatlan for 14 years. She will stay at your house with your beloved pets and ensure they have the tender loving care they are used to or she will come on your schedule. Abby will pay your bills, take in flyers, pay your gardener and cleaning lady when you are out of town. Ask Abby for more details about her full service.   Marlene Santana
Juan F. Chong
Chong Peraza & Associates
Carnaval #1612
This will be my third year using Juan for car insurance. He also sells homeowner's/renters insurance and medical coverage. Even before bringing a vehicle into Mexico, I was able to arrange everything via email and a credit card. You'll get an annual reminder when payment is due. Email: 
Rick Lewis
(but formerly suggested by Bob Story)
Bob I've used this company for Mexican insurance and the owner, Bob, at the Nogales office, says he sells US insurance for cars coming into the US from Mexico. Here is the website:
Steve Immel
and Nemo & Erin
Tony This is by far the best website I've found for international health insurance plans for Mazatlan & all of Mexico. They specialize in medical insurance that covers multi-country including USA, Canada PLUS Mexico


Medical Services
Balboa Clinic
Camaron Sabalo 4480
They gave me the best medical care, they are really professionals. I was in an accident and somebody called the red cross ambulance and ten minutes later they still weren't there and somebody else called the Balboa Hospital and the ambulance arrived with one doctor on board, and they had everything to assist me. They took me to Rezomaz to take some x-rays of my leg and then took me back to Balboa hospital in 15 minutes, I had no fractures, so they fixed my twisted knee in 10 minutes. The service was great!!! They took my American insurance and I paid only the deductible of $30.

Good for Balboa !!!!I I'd give them a 10!

Anon via web form
Dr. Enrique Mock
Mazatlan's first MRI diagnostic equipment and service for medical imaging. They also provide other tests such as catscan, treadmill stress tests, etc. Dr. Mock is an active member of the mazinfo list and is an all around great guy. He speaks perfect English. and from a variety of mazinfo members
Sharp Hospital
Ave. Rafael Buelna y Jesus Kumate
Sharp Hospital is quoted in the book by Charles Hall: Sharp Hospital: A first-class medical facility, which I'm told, was built in partnership with a hospital in San Diego, California. The staff is well trained, and it is equipped better than any hospital outside Mexico City. Many doctors are specialists and the hospital offers everything including cardiac, plastic surgery, and they have dialysis equipment. Most of the doctors are bilingual. I would have no qualms about taking a friend or relative there for any kind of medical treatment.

((Note from editor my knowledge this is not associated with the hospital in San Diego. They only share the name.))

Unknown contributor
SkyMed  Insurance

When our members suffer medical emergencies while traveling more than 100 air miles from home, our solution returns them to their local hospital and medical care providers.

Yvon Marier
Miscellaneous Services
Food Shopping Services
Gigante's grocery delivery service is available in the metropolitan area, you can order from 8 AM until 7 PM and it will be delivered within 2 hours and the number is 983-6003, and there is someone there who speaks English and her name is Aurelia. They have nothing on their flyers or ads mentioning minimum amount but I am sure that Aurelia will be happy to let you know when you call.

Susan Silva

Lic. Martha Armenta Aside from having a language school named English for All, Martha is an official translator who speaks perfect English. I have personally used her services to fulfill the legal requirement of a translator at our civil wedding service. She handled many of the details for us and introduced us to the appropriate authorities, in a very efficient manner. She does all sorts of legal documents as well as knows all the ropes for assisting you in obtaining your FM-3. This will save you the trips to Migracion and I find her fees to be reasonable. Her local contacts are invaluable. Marlene Santana
The Clay House


Upholstery of all types. Manufacture Mexican Rustic Furniture and Custom Made Furniture and Cabinet Work. General Carpentry. Susan Silva


Christines Phone Booths
916-7077 (Next Door to Subway Sandwich Shop in Golden Zone - Balboa Plaza)


5 Satellite phones offering calls to Canada and the US."  Service is offered through the purchase of a phone card at the rate of $6 for 60 minutes. Internet Service available at competitive rates. 


Roberto Rodriquez
Does a great job on satellite TV equipment such as antennas, receivers and related stuff. Speaks fair English. Does great work and guarantees it! Bob Story
Linda Stewart


Among another talents, she is an excellent DRESSMAKER. Just picked-up some outfits today. I can personally sew and I can definitely see Linda is an excellent sewer. Also, she was very, very good at the fittings. My clothes she made FIT ME. You will not be disappointed. Elena Bastain


Yolanda Vega
Cell Phone:
If you are looking for somebody to facilitate your needs for a large variety of services,  I would  highly recommend Yolanda Vega. Yolanda speaks perfect English and has contacts in all of the trades.  She will assist in arranging, negotiating and translation.  I have used some of her trades people, and they have all done excellent work and have shown up when they say they will, all for very reasonable prices.  Yolanda does not charge for this part of her services.

For a small fee, Yolanda can also assist in arranging for such things as;
Telephone  Installation.
Electric & Gas Hookup.
Mexican Drivers License
Fideicomiso ( Bank Trust )
Doctors & Dentists
Negotiating For Large Purchases.
Ken & Mary Lou


Miscellaneous Services--Hodge Podge

Appliance Repair

Tecnico Del Hogar at 982-2253. The business is Mecanhogar Mazatlan, Azueta 3027, Col. Reforma. Francisco 044 66 94 31 60 46.

REFACCIONES DEL HOGAR. Insurgentes 5901 in Colonia Lopez Mateos phone number: 983 3839

Garage Door Repair

Ernesto Pena Jumilla Tele: 118-11-11 Cell: 044-669-110-69-51 ,Calz. Gabriel Leyva No. 2900 Loc.4 Col. Casa Redonda, Mazatlan

Glass/Aluminum/Screen - Doors & Windows & Mirrors

Conrimerez  across from Ley one will repair screen windows, frames, sliding doors, etc.

Interior Design

Elsa Maria Lopez. She has a store called DECO in the Golden Zone. 9165393 or 9165394. Her husband, Ed, is a long-time member of the mazinfo list.

Iron Work

Jewelry or Watch Repair

Sergio. Watches For You. Camaron sabalo 1730 (across the street from costa de oro ) phone : 9-13-27-46. Sergio is a list member of Mazinfo and has taken good care of several of our members.

Zatarin Jewelry is located in the centro market where you can buy new jewelry. Next door is a great watch repair shop. They also sell and install watch batteries.

Lawyer (Abogado)

A link to a directory listing of Abogados and Notarios in Mazatlan:

Legal Translation & Contracts

Martha Armenta. Cell 044 669 9120890.

Mortgages/Bank Trust

Marisol Osuna []] (011-52) 669 992 0355. Banco Interacciones, S.A., Avenida de Mar #1020.


A list of Abogados and Notarios in Mazatlan can be found here:

PC Repair Or Support

The two names that seem to be mentioned the most on MazInfo are:

César Gonzalez Mara Tel - 044-669-994-3705.

Jorge Herran,  Tel - 985-5599 or cell 044-669-994-1518.

Sewing Machine Repair

Ask for Sr.Moreno, he speaks little english. 9-85-06-68

Television Repair

Selectron Reparacion Electronica
Aquiles Serdan No. 2623, Centro
Tel: 985-3748

Water Testing

Laboratorio de Quimica Industrial. Zaragoza #1205. 981-2467. Lourdes is the contact.

Variety of contributors from various mazinfo posts.
Moving Services/Relations
Robert Hudson
We would like to recommend Robert Hudson ( when moving household goods to or from Mexico.

Robert will meet you at your point of origin or in Nogales, AZ. He will translates your household inventory into the proper format for the Menaje de casa and accompany to the consulate to apply for and obtain your FM3 and the official Menaje de casa. He will arrange for a truck to take your goods to your destination and clear it through customs. Robert is quick and efficient and goes out of his way to accommodate your needs.

When we moved I became very ill in Nogales. Robert helped my wife get everything done so we could cross the border as soon as the truck arrived. He also drove our car and us to Mazatlan as I was too ill to drive. Using his services saved us thousands of dollars and hours of delay.

Barry and Linda Silverstone
Clinica Visual Guillermo Nelson No 1701 in Centro. Diagonally across from the Cathedral. Rick Lewis and Dick Carroll
La Nueva Farmacia
Dr. Luis
981 2607
English speaking Dr/Pharmacist who is very helpful with suggestions and recommendations. I've known him for several years. Tell him Rick sent you and let him know you aren't a tourist and you'll get a resident's discount. For English-speaking Dr. Luis, best to visit or phone weekdays 1:30-2:00 or between 5:00 and 8:00 pm, and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Rick Lewis
cell: 044-669-1207948
h: 983-5734 (wife only speaks Sp.)
Many of you know Régalo from his days at the front desk at Hotel Belmar. He is now doing plumbing and household repairs full time. I've used him for many years and he is very dependable, honest and hard working. He will usually see the problem, give you an idea on what the cost will be. You usually give him money to go buy the parts. He brings back change and a receipt, then you pay the final amount (his labor) when completed. He speaks great English. Tell him his friend Rick recommended him. No, I don't get commission.  Rick Lewis
David Jara:


Somebody's gonna owe be big time for this one.

I recently had a 5-day plumbing project done by a man who I believe to be the best, most reliable, reasonable, and honest Plumber in Mazatlan. Not only did he complete the project on time, but he took care of many small details (too numerous to list) which I didn't expect to come with the job.

After replacing a section of sewer line, he insisted on straightening out the yard, carrying off the escombro, resetting my washing machine in place, and sweeping up after his work. OH, I forgot to mention that his prices were very very reasonable. The man's name is David Jara (He didn't tell me his middle name, but if it's not "Integrity" he was sorely misnamed).

Since purchasing a house in Mazatlan, I've had work done by several people, some good, some bad, and some mediocre, but this man is absolutely the best I've encountered.

If you have a plumbing job, I would highly recommend you call David at 044-669-918-48-96. You'll be pleased you did. And tell him Allen sent you.

Ramon Flores
Ramon Flores, reliable. Ask for Ramon 'grande'  Bill Byrnes
Real Estate Services
Mortgage Services
Hank Bailey
Ave. Camaron Sabalo 312
American and Canadian mortgages and real estate office. Hank Bailey
Mortgage Services
Sywia & Kris DeSoto

Real Estate & Mortgage Services: Sylwia & Kris DeSoto from Invest Mazatlan offer a comprehensive service for property buyers & developers in Mazatlan. As a branch of Advanced Mortgage in Mexico, residential and commercial loans are available for North Americans and Mexicans. As AMPI members, they can help you find best real estate opportunities in Mazatlan. Contact their US Line 1.877.601.3789, their Mazatlan line 981.24.27 or via email

Sylwia DeSoto
Mortgage Services
12720 Hillcrest Rd., Suite 115, Dallas, TX 75230
Advanced Mortgage In Mexico offers a wide variety of financing programs for mortgages in Mexico that include:
Purchase, Construction, and Refinance Loans Cash-out Equity Loans Fixed and Adjustable Rates starting @ 8.25% APR 15,20,25,and 30 year terms Down Payments as low as 10%
3 ways to qualify: Full, Alternate, and Stated income No prepayment penalty available U.S. citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens, or Canadian citizens eligible
David Harrell
Queta Cantu
Abajo Teatro El Cid, Ave Camarón Sabalo


Works primarily with El Cid properties, but very capable realtor, fluent in English, hardworking, honest with lots of integrity.


John O. Brown, Jr., M. D.


Rental Property Professionals
Mazatlan Home Finders (aka MazRentals)
Mazatlan Home Finders is a unique service charging a one-time fee to locate a specific home, apartment, condo, or hotel in MAZATLAN. This service doesn't work on commission from home owners, and instead the monthly savings goes into the renter's pocket.


Marlene Santana and a variety of mazinfo readers
Restaurant Recommendations
Variety of Restaurant recommendations Way too many to list here. Please visit "THE Restaurant List." Variety of posters to MazInfo, initially compiled by Tim Pondy
Gustavo Cervantes, El Arte, Jeweler
914-84-11 Camaron Sabalo No. 1000, V Playa Gaviotas, Plaza San Jorge Loc 8


Gustavo made a ring for me this year, amethyst and diamonds. It was an awesome design and I could not be more pleased with it. It is something I will treasure. Very reasonably priced (I gave him all the materials), speaks fluent english. He gets very busy, so if you are staying in Maz for the winter, you need to see him as soon as you arrive. Please tell him that Chris sent you (I am sure he will remember me).


Chris Kerins


Dr Marco Antonio Cardenas Avila
Veterinariana Del Pacifico
Rio Balluarte 1034
This is an awesome veterinary clinic, with reasonable prices. They have a Doggy Wash on the premises, and also will board your critter if you have to be away. Appointment is not necessary, but a good idea in case the Doc is in surgery. My dog loves going there, as it is old home week for her. Her mamma dog's "human pet" works there washing dogs and she is just superb with animals. My dog even likes the vet and doesn't make a peep when she gets her needles. Dr. speaks English well, and pet talk better! Marlene Santana
Links of Reference Sources
Mexican Constitution translated into English
Info on the Ferry Service between Mazatlan and La Paz
Articles on FM-3, Tourist Cards, Migracion
Info on Carnaval Dates, a great explanation by Jackie Peterson for each subsequent year
Jackie Peterson
IMSS, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
Official government site:
Excellent article from Mexconnect about preexisting conditions:
My personal experiences with IMSS:
INSEN Program for Senior Citizens
Article by Jackie Peterson posted on MazInfo
Jackie Peterson

This table is a "beginning" of a directory of services we can share as locals with recommendations of good service. There are many more comments made through the years on MazInfo that will make their way to the table as I have time to update it. In the meantime, you can help us build this table by sending email with your recommendations. Include the name of the service provider, phone number, address, your comments, and indicate if we have permission to use your name and/or email address. Please help us share information with our fellow residents and with visitors to our lovely neck of the woods. **Our thanks to Henry Laxen for sharing kwiki recommendations from

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