Mazatlan Restaurants - 2006
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This is a list of restaurants recommended by both locals and tourists. This list was compiled by Tim Meyer from a variety of original posts made on Everyone is welcome to join the list and add your suggestions or comments.

In alphabetical order:


This is the list of restaurants recommended by both locals and tourists. Please remember that some of the tourists may have been to Mazatlan on their first visit, so what they thought was good (or even excellent) may not agree with what folks who have visited Mazatlan a lot, wintered here, or live here know to be even BETTER PLACES.  Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to create the list indicating which were first time tourist's votes and which were long time visitor's/snowbird's/local's votes. Besides, sometimes that first time tourist stumbles onto something that even locals and Mazatlan lovers don't yet know about.  Many of the single vote entries are votes by snowbirds/locals who know places that the average tourist doesn't find.  Read the notes carefully, but remember, these are individual, subjective experiences.  Your experience could differ.  This is why negative experiences have NOT been noted.  The numbers behind some listings indicate how many positive recommendations have been noted for that restaurant.  This list was created & is maintained by reading posts on Mazinfo.  You'll see several of the listings say (no bar).  That notation may need to be on others.  Don't let that keep you from trying them.  At all the restaurants without a bar or beer license you are always WELCOME to bring your own.  You can bring a six pack or a couple bottles of wine or whatever.  It's not a big deal and it's not illegal, so you don't have to hide it or anything.  Those places will furnish glasses, etc. (usually at no extra charge), but we always tip the waiter a little extra.  The date in parenthesis is the last time a post was seen for that restaurant on Mazinfo.  Anyone looking for the latest up to date listing can email Tim Meyer at


(* = see notes below)


* Chili’s Pepper – lobster, shrimp, filet mignon, classic rock, loud, fun (8 – June 2007)

* Panama Bakery - breakfast & more (8 – Jan 2007)

* Te Amo Lucy's (8 – Sep 2007)

* Twisted Mama’s – fish n chips (8 – July 2007)


Pedro & Lola - supper, mellow music, older crowd (7)


* Casa Loma - supper (6)

* Chalva's - Mexican (6)

* Heather's Place - American/Canadian home style meals, breakfast (6 – Aug 2007)

* Papagayo - Inn at Mazatlan (6)


* El Bigote - (5)

* Juanita's - across the street from the Oceana Palace Hotel - Mexican (5) (no bar)

* Puerto Viejo (5)

* Purple Onion – breakfast, Ribs, pizza & beer (6 – July 2007)

* The Place - lobster & steak (5 – June 2007)

* Torres Mazatlan - particularly breakfast & Sunday brunch (5 – Sep 2007)

* Vittores – Italian (5)


* Canucks - good food, shrimp, drinks & music (4)

* Lety's - Stone Island – seafood (4)

* Los Arcos - seafood, shrimp (4)

* Mamucas – seafood (4 – July 2007)

* Mister A's - seafood & Mexican, breakfast (4 – Jan 2007)

* Pancho's (4)


* Aree LuLus - Mexican (3 - Jan. 2004)

* Costa Marinera (3 - July 2007)

* El Bambu - steaks...and seafood (3)

Ernie Tomato's – classic rock, loud, fun (3)

* Gus & Gus - breakfast & more (3)

* Il Mosto (in Plazuela Machado) (3)

* Jungle Juice - breakfast (3)

* Las Brochetas (3) (no bar)

La Casa Country (3)

* Los Zarapes (3)

* Mariscos Saul – seafood, breakfast (3 – June 2007)

* Playa Mazatlan (La Terraza) - brunch (3 – July 2007)

* Senor Frog's Restaurant - entertainment (3)

* Sheik - breakfast (3)

* The Saloon – burgers, no salsa & chips, older crowd (3 – June 2007)

* Villa Italia (3) – pizza


Ambrosia - vegetarian (2)

* Beach Burgers (in Plazuela Machado) (2)

* Cenaduria Chayita - Mexican (2) (no bar)

* Chez Lou - breakfast (2)

* Copa De Leche - Mexican & breakfast (2)

Costa De Oro - breakfast (2)

* Costa Marinera (3 - July 2007)

* El Aljibe de San Pedro (2 - no bar –  Oct. 2007)

El Guamuchilito - seafood (2)

La Costa Marinera (2)

* La Marmita – fondue (2)

* La Palapa Del Mar – Seafood (2 – June 2007)

* La Puntilla - seafood (2)

* La Terraza - Hotel Playa Mazatlan - surf & turf, music & dancing (2)

* Marismeno (2)

* Minnesota Cafe - Solamar Inn - cheap beer (2)

* Montalayo - Mexican lamb barbeque (2) (no bar)

* Pueblo Bonito (Mazatlan and Emerald Bay) - brunch (2)

* San Kai – (2 no bar – July 2007)

* Shipwreck (Now Mauricio's Shipwreck) - Balboa Towers - breakfast (2)

* Taqueria Martin - Tacos (2) (no bar)


* Altazor Café – Chef Salad (May 2007)

Bahia - seafood

* Bandido’s

Bernard's - German specialties

* Brasil Restaurant

Carlos & Lucia’s (June 2007)

* Chayito’s (June 2007)

* China Thai

Chongs - seafood

* Cocina de Ana (no bar)

* Cuchupetas - seafood - in Villa Union

* El Capitanos (Coral Reef Hotel complex)

El Parador Espanol

El Torrito - seafood - possible name & ownership change recently (no bar)

* El Tunel

Evolucion - tacos (no bar)

* Fat Fish

* Gente Bien

* Geranimos

Gringo Lingo

Guadalajara Grill

Issa Seafood (June 2007)

* La Domitila (in Plazuela Machado

* La Marina Toro - Mariscos - seafood – lunch (no bar)

* La Mona – Pizza (June 2007)

* La Parrillada - steak

La Rioja

Latitude 23 (June 2007)

* Little jardin restaurante (no bar) - generic name, see notes

* Memorial Café

* No Name Café (Jan. 2004)

* Ostioneria - generic name, see notes (no bar)

* Q'Cotorro – tacos (no bar)

Rico’s Café – great coffee (June 2007)

* Senor Aces (July 2007)

* The Bolero Café

* The Shrimp Factory

Tomate Verdes

* Topolo (July 2007)

Tequila Tillys (Feb. 2004)


Aree LuLus

  • We always hang out at Aree LuLus. It's behind The Shrimp Factory on the side street and has great food and good prices. Their service is also good.
  • Aree LuLus - good for inexpensive Mexican dishes, the guacamole is usually great, and they have good prices on beer.

Altazor Cafe

ˇ         I had lunch today in Plaza Machado. The food at Altazor Café is really, really good! I like a good salad once in a while, and a salad is not a big part of the Mexican diet. They have a GREAT Chef’s Salad. A lot of salad for the money too.


  • a small outdoor café adjacent to the plaza, it has a large stone Monk in front. It is very pleasant and I had a few very good breakfasts there at reasonable prices. Each time I ate there the chef sent out a little something extra, one treat was melon with a bit of honey, wow!, and the other time a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The waiters are just young kids, but they try really hard to do a good job.  Give the place a try.

Beach Burgers

ˇ         For the first time, I ventured away from their burgers. In our group we had a burger, the beef quesadillas and I tried the ribs. The burger was great, as always. The beef quesadillas, adequate. The ribs, not worth re-ordering. They were overcooked, dry, and lacked flavor. Our appetizers were good: we combined an order of guacamole, nachos and their house salsa. Yummy.  At Beach Burgers I sometimes order the fish fingers.


  • We met up with Marlene, Santana, Jim and Patty at Canucks. Now, THAT is the best place for great drinks and food!! The music was terrific!! Santana and his band are really wonderful. Hope to get back to Maz again in the future.

Casa Loma

  • I very much enjoy the food at Casa Loma, a ten minute walk inland from the ocean in the Golden Zone, and I find the food at the La Terraza - Hotel Playa Mazatlan to be first rate.

Cenaduria Chayita

  • In El Centro on Teniente Azueta, 1 block north of Juan Carrasco. Exactly 1 block east of the "shrimp ladies" (the street side open air shrimp and seafood market on Aquiles Serdan). Absolutely great food, her posole (a sort of Mexican hominy stew) or her beef brochettes are to die for. No ambiance at all. Lots of local families, a real pretty open air courtyard for outdoor dining. One catch, you've got to bring your own beer or wine or any other alcoholic beverage you desire. She doesn't have a booze license. It's perfectly legal to bring your own though, and your waiter will even open it and serve it for you (tip good) for no extra charge.

Chalvas Restaurant

  • Just got back from Chalvas Restaurant located behind Dolphy's Ice Cream in the Golden Zone, I had the best burritos that I have ever had in Mazatlan and my wife had the best chile rellenos I have ever tasted in Mazatlan and of course, we could not leave without having the "famous" coconut banana cream pie!!!!!!!!!!  YUMMY  The prices are very reasonable and the service was excellent.  Chalvas is kinda hidden in the back but they do have a new sign out front, it's worth looking for.
  • We just returned from Chalvas' new restaurant across the street from the Emporio Hotel in the Golden Zone. Across from Tony's as well. The food was just as good as the food at her other restaurant near Riccos coffee shop. She now has a bar and there is a lot of covered seating to get out of the sun on hot days.  Her Mexican Plate is outstanding and I love her chili rellenos.


ˇ         Their Pozole was magnificent- -also VERY reasonably priced.

Chez Lou

ˇ         in the Golden Zone, and those who listen to radio and read the local papers will already know about it as she has been advertising. For those of you up North at the moment (and perhaps for your book, Chuck) I thought I would post. The menu is really different from anything we have seen and the owner obviously knows her stuff. A very definite French flair and atmosphere and a nice addition to Mazatlan. Lou is a French Canadian chef who has just opened in the old Larios location, at the T in the street of the long block south of Jungle Juice. We went on Sunday and were first impressed with the ambiance and the menu choices but finally by the presentation, taste and service. We started with a smoked salmon starter which had been carved into the shape of roses. With capers! Yummy. It truly looked like a dish you would see on a cruise ship. Since it was early in the day (late breakfast) Santana ordered the shrimp baguette (it was huge and absolutely loaded with shrimp, toasted, and served open faced.) I had the toasted Club Sandwich which also was tasty and very filling. Both were accompanied by a nice green salad made from Italian lettuce. There is a nice dining menu, but no specific breakfast menu hence our choices. Her hours are 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. She has designed a pretty "bistro" area, a nice bar area (where you can also sit) plus the elegant dining area on a raised level. Open, bright and very nicely done. She has a grande opening day coming up with a set menu, I believe next weekend, but the date escapes me now. I would say to definitely place it on your list of dining places to visit in Mazatlan.

ˇ         We had the best breakfast ever, just the other day". And they described it in mouth watering detail and emphasized that it even came out of the kitchen HOT! (That's a bonus) I inquired where they had eaten and they said it had been at Chez Lou.

Chili’s Peppers

  • Bob...not far from your digs is a little beachfront place called Chili’s Peppers. We go every time we are down of our favorites. The food is good, prices reasonable and the staff is great.
  • Try Chili Peppers for lobster and shrimp. It is on the beach not too far from the El Cid tower hotel, ask a taxi driver.

ˇ         Chili's Pepper - their Shrimp Imperial (large shrimp stuffed with cheese & wrapped in bacon & broiled) are the best in Mazatlan.

China Thai

ˇ         Restaurant is located 1/2 block east of Valentino's on the south side of Raphael Buelna at Avenida Raphael Buelna #22. Don't let the word Thai in the name fool you! This is Chinese food that IMHO is as good as it gets in Mexico! We started with the Overflowed Chicken Wings (40p) which were 6 drummettes fried crisp with a excellent sweet and sour sauce with pieces of pineapple. I felt the chicken was slightly overcooked but still quite good. We ordered pork with broccoli to share as I knew from previous experience that the portions are very large. We had not even finished the wings when the steaming hot plate was brought to the table. The pork was tender and tasty, the vegetables crisp and crunchy (as they should be!) To wash this down we asked for 2 Coronas but they said all they had was Pacifico and Negro Modelo. Then to our surprise one of the waiters ran across the street and bought two Coronas (15p each)! Just a small example of the excellent service we received throughout the meal. And they will deliver to your door! Two thumbs up!!

Cocina de Ana

  • It's in the GZ near the Banamex bank and the Dairy Queen. It is a favorite among locals and snowbirds who keep it packed during the season. She has food set out in a buffet style where you walk through the line and fill up your plate how you want. She weighs it and charges the final price accordingly to the weight and the type of items on your plate. Reasonably priced and excellent food. She generally has local favorites, but rotates cuisine during the week so that one day is more Italian, two days are Chinese food, etc. Actually, her Chinese food is (IMHO) the best in Mazatlan.
  • I'd say that Cocina de Ana comes really close to that for lunch, and since they have take out, too, you can have some for dinner.

Copa De Leche

  • on the malecon at Olas Altas 1220, down the hill from Icebox Hill.  Good for breakfast with a view. For seafood, try La Puntilla, on the dock where you get the small boats to Stone Island.

Costa Marinera

  • the mixed plate for two has everything
  • the camerones imperial are EXCELLENT!


  • my favorite place for seafood, in Mazatlan (the county, not the city), but it is in Villa Union (about ten minutes further south than the turnoff to the airport). I love the seafood brochette with big chunks of tender white fish and shrimp, onions, peppers, grilled and served with all the trimmings. Only open in the afternoon, not at night. Unfortunately, an expensive taxi ride.  But if you have a car, or an all day pulmonia or tour guide, it's well worth the travel.

El Aljibe de San Pedro

  • At Calle Constitution No. 710 in El Centro.  If you go inland on Constitution past Plaza Machado, then cross Benito Juarez (Where Topolo's is) it is half a block more, on the right.  It is way cool inside. I was actually an aljibe (Water storage tank)
    way back. The place looks like a cave but has very neat lighting and the decor is......ecletic. They have musical instruments hanging from the ceiling in one place,old electrical insulators in another. All kinds of neat stuff on the walls. It has bare concrete floors and walls but has a great feel to it.  But what I had tonight was the 'Brocheta's de Res' and it was a very large serving. Beef wrapped in bacon, onion's, bell peppers with the ubiquitous french fries and re-fried beans. Fresh hot tortilla's came with it. The flavor was great, the meat a LITTLE tough, but the flavor made up for it. $80 Pesos

El Bambu

  • between Sam's Club and the shopping mall (Gran Plaza), is a very popular place packed with Mexicans (and generally not one gringo in sight) with the best steaks and seafood at lower prices than in the golden zone.

El Bigote

  • Sunday afternoon at the restaurante on Witch's Beach (Playa Bruja).  This restaurant is called "El Bigote" and featured the head of a little pig with long mustache (bigote).  EXCELLENT CARNITAS.  Yes, El Bigotes Carnitas el Camino has been around for years and the outdoor garden setting is absolutely beautiful.  If you are going to Sam's Club or the Gran Plaza mall make a plan to stop and eat there or I am not sure if everyone is aware, but they will also deliver.  (Order a kilo of carnitas with tortillas;  makes LOTS of tacos) Phone 984-6892.  Half a block from Club Leones on Insurgentes at the corner of Ciprés.  Delicious, but forget the diet!

El Capitanos

  • Don't forget El Capitanos in the Coral Reef Hotel complex (Just north of the swimming pool). They are consistently good.

El Tunel

ˇ         is best for dinner, rather than for lunch or mid-day comida. In the late morning, the staff is just returning from the main city market with provisions for that evening's offerings. Truly, only fresh ingredients are used at El Tunel.  Finally -- but as important as anything else – the prices are about half at El Tunel as those down the block at Pedro & Lola’s.

Fat Fish

  • does a 2 for 1 dinner thing on Monday nights and, YES, their ribs are delicious (it's a sweet barbecue sauce).  My recommendation for Sabalo is Fat Fish accross from the Fiesta Hotel, the food is excellent I like the Breaded Shrimp or the 1 kilo Carne Asada, other friends have said that the ribs are delicious and you can sit either inside or outside.


  • on Insergentes and the malacon and the dinner was delicious with lots of atmosphere

Gus & Gus

  • right across the street from the Hotel Costa de Oro. If we're more interested in just eating and running (it's only 1/2 block from the bookstore) this is the place. Good food, good prices, good service, and they never let your coffee cup run dry. Odd note: they deep fry their bacon until crisp, very unusual, very good--I think. Cholesterol, what's that?
  • Another good place just to drink and eat cheap is Gus & Gus. Last Saturday my wife and I had supper at Gus & Gus. Those guys really go the extra mile to make you feel at home, the mixed brochetas (beef and shrimp) and the mexican plate were excellent and the live music very good. The guitar player is really good.

Heather’s Place

  • Recently my two young kids (6 & 8) were in Mazatlan for a week while my poor wife was back in the states working. The kids were gradually wearing me down and I was looking for a family place to eat, relax and where I could have a nice cold beer. Recalling that I had seen several messages about Heather's Place and it was only a short walk from the Marina El Cid and decided to give it a try.  When we got there, I saw a table of what looked like Canadians or Americans and I asked them what would be the best things to order. The group burst our laughing (my jokes don't even go over that good). They then explained that the owner, Heather was at their table. Heather came over introduced herself, welcomed us and talked with several minutes. I asked her what might be good for the kids to eat and she really took over from there. She asked the kids what kind of food they like and had a lively conversation with them (much better than I do-since I usually get yes and no answers). She then helped me and got the waiter over and placed our order. In the mean time the kids were enjoying soft drinks and getting refills almost instantly (they still talk about that). Now to our surprise the restaurant also had entertainment. Santana, who I had heard about put on a great show and even had the kids and me singing along with some of his songs (quietly of course, since we are not really on key too often). Heather told me that later this year they would have impersonators (Elvis, Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra and more).  When the food arrived it was hot and tasty and she had made great choices for all of us. My kids are usually picky eaters except for candy but this time nothing was left on the plates. Well in summary we had a great evening, wonderful atmosphere at a modest price and will certainly return on our annual trip at Christmas.

Il Mosto

  • The new restaurant on the Plaza (Plazuela) Machado (Il Mosto) had good food and OUTSTANDING service the 2 times we have eaten there. It is shaping up to be a winner in el Centro, with a good wine list, etc.
  • Italian food, located on the Plaza Machado, what a surprise, had ravioli on my first night that were simply great, homemade, meat-filled and delectable.  The sauce was a curious mixture of tomato, a little bit of meat and crab and was much better than it sounds.  I returned in a few days and had the same thing, this time it was overcooked and had a little puddles of water remaining on the pasta.  So, of course, I had to try it one more time. I took the precaution of asking for it al dente.  The dish was great.  At each meal a real nice appetizer of black olives blended with a little bit of anchovies and olive oil was served with fresh bread. Very, very, nice.  At the waiter's suggestion I also had the Sicilian salad, also excellent.  Service was slow but if you don't mind sitting around the Plaza for awhile I strongly recommend you give it a try.
  • The lasagna was good...not Italian...but for a Mexican style, it was tasty. Burro steak was delicious and worth the price of 130 pesos. It is swimming in a pool of burnt butter. Cholesterol city. Every bite is worth savoring.  Another in my party ordered the steak Alcapone (all one word on the menu). Thin beef wrapped around spinach and cheese. Also very tasty. The salmon was scrumptious in a walnut sauce.  For dessert, the flaming mangoes were a real treat. Elegantly presented and what a combination! Fresh mangoes, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, cointreau, brandy.  I've heard mixed reviews on their rack of lamb. Some love it. Some hate it.  BTW, we tried mushrooms as an appetizer and they were fantastic. I Like Il Mosto a lot too. I had the fish with spinach and cheese, and have tried some great appetizers there too. I am looking forward to that Burro steak!


  • Great local dishes at very reasonable prices. Besides what you find on the menu, you can ask for the meal of the day at lunch time; that is what most of the beach vendors order. You see them on the side in the alley. It's about half the cost of what you find on the menu. If you want, go next door to the super, buy a ballena (750ml Pacifico), and Juanita's is happy to give you a plastic cup if you want beer with your meal.  We do however enjoy Juanita's for a quick cheap meal. A lot of the beach vendors eat there cuz it is sooo cheap. An order of quesadillas for 18 pesos will usually fill us up. My wife loves the sinchronizada, a large quesadilla with chicken ham, avocado, tomatoes, sour cream and jalapeńos for 20 pesos. They also have a great chicken soup with your choice of chicken breast or thigh for 25 pesos! We have never been disappointed in the food there.  I sure second the rating for Juanita’s food, it is good and priced right. They don’t mind at all if you bring your own beverages or will go to the super and get you a beer.  The chiles rellanos on Fridays are different than I have ever had: battered and fried then served in a bowl with a wonderful broth and a side of rice: dump in the rice and it’s a meal.  Their tortilla soup is some of the best I have had as well.

Jungle Juice

  • Jungle Juice is quite good for breakfasts especially, and have internet available for your use (nice touch).

La Domitila

  • Sherrie and I had an absolutely great dinner last night in Plaza Machado at the new restaurant 'La Domitila'. This is a new venture by Alfredo Gomez Rubio (Of Pedro and Lola's) with another partner. I had a great Rib Eye steak and Sherrie had, I believe, a 'Chili Nopales', it was a stuffed chili on a bed of rice with a really great sauce. We were both very happy and the service was excellent. There menu is quite different from the normal fare in almost all the restaurants we visit, with many dishes we have not see offered anywhere else.
  • It is between Beach Burger and Altazor Ars Cafe.  The menu is excitingly different from the usual, with flavors from around Mexico, especially the South.  Prices are similar to Pedro Y Lola. (I understand one of the owners is also an owner of Pedro Y Lola.)  The Lobster Crepes were outstanding, as was the Sopa Tarasca (a version of Tortilla Soup from Michoacan).  I have not heard yet a negative comment from any I've talked to who have eaten there.

La Marina Toro

  • If we really want to splurge we might go to one of the many open air seafood restaurants that abound in Mazatlan. Our current favorite is on Av. La Marina about 5 blocks south of Gigante.

La Marmita

  • On Playa Gaviotes in the southern end of the Golden zone, across from the Hotel Playa Mazatlan and the Canadian Consulate.  Their specialties are Fondues [cheese, veal, beef, shrimp combined with meat or cheese and dessert fondues too~!  They also offer soups, salads, pasta, meat and seafood.  The space at La Marmita is comfortable and relaxed.  Music is in the background [i.e., not loud but pleasant] and sometimes accompanied by a video.  The service is excellent.  Yes, it really is!  Owner Ernesto is a fellow who was born in Mexico City and as a young man, spent time in Switzerland where, because he didn't speak much German, he spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his Aunt.  There he learned to appreciate fondue, various types and the need for quality ingredients.  Consequently, the restaurants cheeses and some other products are imported from France to assure the proper taste and consistency.  Well, time moves on, Ernesto moved around a bit, and then fell in love with his wife here in Sinaloa.  Ergo, he moved to Mazatlan with his new wife and now pursues his fondness for fondue at restaurant La Marmita. Prices are middle of the road or a bit higher, but we find the value great.  For example, a combination of cheese fondue and beef/shrimp oil fondue is sufficient for Cranda and I at a cost of 220 pesos.  Also, if your order includes an oil fondue, a good house salad is included in the price.  A good cheese fondue alone will cost 98 to 109 pesos.   It has a full service bar and a very, very good wine list.  Wine prices are not cheap but owner Ernesto has said that folks may bring their own [my favorite circumstance] for a minimal corkage charge of 50 pesos per bottle.  If fondue sounds good to you, definitely try it.

La Mona

  • Opened in March 2007 or so.  Their pizza is some of the best around.  New York style baked over a wood-fired oven out back.  Their salads are really good too and could stand by themselves as a light meal.  It's on Nińos Heros half a block north of Constitution.  They don't open until 3:00.

La Palapa Del Mar

ˇ         Located at 6000 Camaron Sabalo, next to Casa Country. We were there with another couple.  It was an excellent restaurant experience for all. The Menu was varied, the service (Fidel was the waiter) was excellent and even entertaining (singing, magic tricks, dancing) , the drinks were large and potent, and the food was excellent. There is plenty of parking in the rear of the restaurant. Each couple ordered the Seafood for Two ... though significantly less expensive and less elaborate meals are plentiful on the menu. If I were to do it over again I would specify how I wanted the fish that was on the platter to be cooked ( I would have asked for broiled instead of fried). The platter is huge and comes with a lobster, crispy calamari, a fillet of the fish of the day, swordfish (but I think that was just for that one night), and shrimp cooked a few different ways. The only dessert available was ice cream ... but they carry Hollandaise (which has become my favorite). We met Tim o, who is the manager, and related to one of the owners ... he sat and chatted with us for a while and we felt very comfortable with his friendly down-to-earth personality. He showed us a video clip ad for the restaurant which is being shown on some US Air flights. So if you are looking for a nice clean place to eat, and like seafood, head for La Palapa Del Mar !!

ˇ         Have you tried the fish and chips at La Palapa Del Mar ? Tuesday night special $7.99 ... enough to take away with you for the next day at home. Combined with happy hour... what a deal !! Great stuff.

ˇ         It is next to los arcos restaurant, north of el cid , plenty of parking in the back , the waiter Fidel is a barrel of laughs and will do magic tricks if you get him started. There are 79 peso dinner specials every night during the week, and a buffet on Sunday afternoon for 160 pesos. The place is very nice inside, though not A/C'd (well, it is a palapa).

La Parrillada

  • (Pare-E-ah-dah) which is on the beach road about a quarter mile north of the Senior Frogs Restaurant, about a quarter mile south of La Gavias Condos. They serve a very limited menu. Steak. Not fancy, just a brick, open air place that opens about 6:00 p.m. A T-bone steak, all cut up with the T-Bone on top, Frijoles Charros (A great bean soup), salsas, fresh hot tortillas, for $90 Pesos. There is no salad, or frills. Just great steaks.

Las Brochetas

  • Definitely a great place for good food, good service and a reasonable price.  AND guess what, you can bring your own drink of choice as they only have juice and soft drinks.  Some examples of food and prices.  What we call shish kebob is brocheta in Spanish .  There is sirloin, filet and chicken.  You can have a small or large order.  Price is from 65 to 85 pesos depending on [1] meat chosen and [2] size.  The small or "chica" is sufficient for many and all include bean soup, vegetables, and great salsas [6] to start your meal.  You can also get ribs [very, very good], molcajete [better share this unless you have a BIG appetite], fajitas, etc, etc.  While at Las Brochetas try the baked potato with everything. It's a meal in itself. The bean soup is excellent, if you think the spud is too small.

Lety’s, Carmelita’s and Victor’s.

  • Most pricing for a palapa lunch is similar at all the spots except Victors which is probably the highest priced, but IMHO, worth it. I’ve taken visitors there for the combination plate: grilled fish, butter-flied garlic shrimp, battered and deep fried shrimp, ribs, French fries, onion rings, veggies, and a delicious slice of grilled pineapple. Current price is 130’s a lot of food, and very tasty. I’d still recommend Victor’s even if you’re only having drinks. Alma will bring you her home made chips and salsa that are great.
  • Stone Island is great. Just go to Lety’s restaurant—sit under her umbrellas all day—order something to eat—everything is safe—and delicious. She will really treat you great. It is a family run restaurant and rally aim to please!

Los Zarapes

  • I had breakfast at Los Zarapes this week and it was very tasty and service outstanding-in fact I was never able to empty my coffee cup as the waiters kept filling it.  My wife and I just returned from having dinner at the Los Zarapes  restaurant we both thought the meals we very good. The make your salsa at your table and it was bueno. My ribeye steak was probably the best steak I have had in Mazatlan. And to finish it off we had Spanish coffees which were made at our table which was a great performance. In addition, at 7:30 they provided entertainment. There were some very cute dancers and a singer. We enjoyed both. We were provided an additional treat when a customer took the mike and sang a beautiful version of "I did it my way." He was amazing.  We went for the Grand Opening. Just had sample of the menu items so we went back a couple of nights later. It's what I would call 'pricey'. Went again later with tourist friends. The food was very good. I think the drinks were $35 and I haven't seen anything about a happy hour. They did have a show. They have 2 large flat panel TV's plus some smaller ones. They have someone going around taking pictures and then they show it on the TV. I think they are still in the tuning phase and things will shake out with time. It has been pretty crowded the times we were there. Because of the prices, we'll probably save it for special times.


  • If we're having a need-some-seafood fit, the only place, in my opinion, is Mamucas. A menu that has so many choices that even though I've eaten there many, many times (I used to live just a block away), I still haven't tried every single one (but some are soooo good I've ordered them a lot more than once). Lots of actually prepared, sauced seafood or fish dishes. Not just the usual deep fried or broiled choice. I can't think of any place even close to as good, in Mazatlan.
  • Mamucas, very good seafood, not cheap.  I tried it because so many people mentioned it as a very good place. The calamari in butter and garlic was excellent.  The restaurant's ambiance is not any more than adequate.
  • Mamucas is real and has been there for over forty years. It is on a the southern side of the street parallel to the Malecon halfway between Cinco De Mayo and Guillermo Nelson. Either the first or second up from the beach. Food is good, prices are reasonable and there is some wine on the menu. Eat there occasionally and never disappointed.
  • isn't Mamucas on Simon Bolivar between Cinco de Mayo and Guillermo Nelson - we ate there in February and enjoyed it - I had fish in a red sauce that was delicious - some one had a shrimp salad that was huge - don't remember what the others had - I think it would be easy to miss this resturant but worth the effort to go look for it again.

Mariscos Saul

  • Just came back from Mariscos Saul, a seafood restaurant across from Holiday Inn on Camaron Sabalo. My wife loves their fish fingers (60p) and I had the tacos governador (60p) The service was exceptional and the food delicious! Someone ordered a pescado Oaxaca which is fish covered in cheese and mushrooms and I will definitely plan on having that next time! Prices are reasonable and the ballenas of Pacifico (20P) were cold.
  • On the Balboa Tower's veranda. Almost as good a view as Sheik's, good service, a few more tourists in season, AND they have "nopales", a Mexican specialty of diced, cooked cactus, served with eggs and all the hot sauce you want to add. An absolute must for Vegans, but seldom seen in tourist restaurants--Mary and I both love them, I don't crunch the raw serrano peppers while I eat them, though; she does and it makes shivers run up and down my back. We often go there, as parking is easier and closer than Sheik's and it's a bunch closer to my bookstore in case I have to go directly to work. For you guys, the beach "view" is sometimes absolutely stunning. A note for Vegans: Watch those frijoles refritos & flour tortillas. The best are prepared with LARD, not vegetable oil or fat--everywhere in Mexico.

Memorial Café

  • Excellent! Their corn bread is good, so is their Italian Salad which I think they called Angela Peralta.

Minnesota Café

  • We still really like the Minnesota Cafe at the Solamar Inn in the Golden Zone....15 pesos for Pacifico AND you get taco chips and salsa with it. A great place to "hang around for a few." Lots of Americans and Canadians having a beer or two at all times of the day.
  • The Minnesota Cafe in the Solamar Inn is selling regular size Pacifico and Corona 2 for 15 pesos........that's 7.5 pesos a beer. Can't beat that!! ALL DAY-every day.

Montalayo Restaurant

  • The absolute best lamb barbacoa (Mexican style barbecue) in Mazatlan.
  • Delicious, inexpensive, a must try for lamb - now open for desyuno, comida, AND cena. (7 AM - 10 PM).  Back in their original location, 3 blocks south of Gigante on Avenida La Mariana.

Mr. A's

  • Mister A's is another elegant restaurant in the Casa Loma tradition. They are located just across the street from the Inn at Mazatlan. You can see their large sign, featuring the Ace of Hearts, on the main street. Ordered the lobster, which they will only serve if it is fresh and of good quality. I received three full tails, and found myself in lobster heaven. The menu includes seafood, Mexican food, and pasta. The atmosphere is elegant, with all the waiters dressed in black tuxedos. Many customers come casual however.

No Name Cafe

  • No Name Cafe - good for barbeque ribs and chicken, meat portions are HUGE so consider splitting a plate with another person (can order another french fries on the side - one evenig I went for take out and ordered the full rack of ribs and 3 fries - this was ENOUGH to feed the four of us back on our balcony).


  • To the list I'd like to add the Ostioneria (sp?) near the cruise ship docks. The Green Machine (Sabalo Centro bus) stops nearby there at the end of its run. A working class neighborhood, just blend in, use the Usual Precautions while walking about. Great ceviche, a dozen oysters (hence the restaurant name) were 90 pesos last year. Made me a believer in warm water oysters as we are somewhat spoiled here in Puget Sound. It's been a year, so I am presuming they're still in business. "Shopping Spanish" is helpful; it appears that English is not widely used there. Kinda adds to the authenticity, sabor mexicano autentico. Watch for the great mariachi (sic-they are really banda) bands that play there. Seems that the musicians gather from all directions, assemble near the sidewalk, and fire up! While working on my oysters, I had a band start up behind me and just about blew me outta my chair! Paz.
  • DO NOT VISIT THIS AT NIGHT, the area is not a very safe area.

Panama Bakery

  • One of my favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simple but innovative plates, always plenty of variety to choose from, reasonable rates and the finest service in any restaurant in Mazatlan. Ordering from the pastry cart for dessert is a must. My favorite for breakfast: huevos bravos.
  • The Panama Bakery (on Main, near Las Palmas) sells danishes that you can buy the night before and enjoy in your room if you are not a room service fan.


  • Pancho's - excellent, my favorite choice for good food at reasonable (although continually rising) prices on the beach, good service.
  • Consistently good

Pizza Benji's

  • on serro de los chivos (in front of stone island) for the best pizza seafood home cooking and hospitality in mexico or come join me personally at El Mirador up on the hill where the canon is. I will personally guarantee a good meal made with love and the best view in Mazatlan.  I personally recommend these places and be sure to tell them all Lobo sent you...

Playa Mazatlan

  • the Carne Asada is the best in the city

Plazuela Machado

  • It's hard to go wrong in Plazuela Machado since the setting is one of the finest in Mazatlan.

Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay

ˇ         There is a great breakfast buffet at Emerald Bay (Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay) during the week, would guess they have one on Sunday, too.

ˇ         Sunday brunch at Pueblo Bonito (Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan) is exceptional

Puerto Viejo

  • is at the corner of Sixto Osuna and Olas Altas......just a couple of blocks south of the Hotel La Siesta.  I have had great fish tacos there...They have a full menu but I usually just do munchie type things....had good quesadilla's this year too.
  • Puerto Viejo - The food is pretty good, especially if you stick to the seafood dishes. Prices for food range from 12 pesos for a tostado to 80 pesos for a dinner.  My favorite is shrimp in aquachili - 70 pesos.  The Pacifico's are always cold and only 11 pesos each.  The service (Jimmy, Serio, Lilli, Yayita, Marta) is some of the best in town.  Yes, I go there a lot.  Friday and Saturday, there is live music, but its very loud.
  • Puerto Viejo is a nifty, eclectic place right next door to the freeman (North). The food is pretty simple, mostly shrimp prepared sever different ways, fish, sometimes some beef. A wonderful sunset view every day. Low prices. What more can you ask for? The 'Sundown Derelicts' (A VERY loose group of gringos) has met there for better than 10 years to watch the sunset, argue if there will be a green flash, and tell lies. I still have my first 'Sundown Derelicts' T-shirt! That's because I made them.
  • Puerto Viejo is a great deal. Most main meal specials don't extend this late in the day, so it's perfect to grab an early dinner on the way to the theatre or the plaza. Main Meal of the Day - 1:00 pm - 6pm, Mon - Fri,  ONLY $30 pesos.  Includes: Soup either Rice or Pasta Green Salad and Beans Soda or Fruit Water (such as Jamaica or Horchata) Main Dish:  Choice of 3 each day (Beef, chicken, pork, fish, ribs, marlin) Salsas and chiles. Enjoy the ocean view and ambiance!  It's on the corner of Sixto Osuna and Olas Altas Ave just up the block from the Mazatlan Reading Library.  Speaking of saving pesos and what was for lunch today, Santana I popped into Puerto Viejo while on our rounds to check out the new comida corrida.  We BOTH ate a huge lunch for the total price of $60.00 pesos.....For $30 pesos each we had a tortilla soup (my favorite), a good sized plate of carne asada, beans, green salad.  On the side was a large variety of salsas and a steaming stack of fresh tortillas so you can make tacos if you wish.  We could have chosen breaded fish or another equally delicious looking beef dish. A large glass of iced Horchata was also included in the price of 30 pesos.  If you are looking for an early dinner with sunset, they run this special until 6 pm.  There were several expats there enjoying the meal and gazing out over the ocean so word is getting out amongst us pesos crunchers.  One thing to note is that you will have to ask about the "comida corrida" as the waiter doesn't speak English and doesn't offer up details voluntarily. Instead you will get handed a regular menu which doesn't list the lunch deal.  -  All the places I've been to in Mexico the food was probably the best, and Mazatlan prices for food and drinks are much lower than all of the 6 other towns that I have vacationed in Mexico. The one place that we thought was great and went back twice was Puerto Viejo the next corner south of the Shrimp Bucket (downtown) We caught happy hour and the four of us had 24 beers and complete meal and I believe the bill was $38.00 what a deal And probably the best shrimp I've ever eaten.

Purple Onion

  • And who says that recommending in the group doesn't work.  I took my family to the Purple Onion on Saturday for BBQ ribs and they were the best in my 13 years of living here.
  • Totally agree about the ribs at Purple Onion...the best ANYWHERE...very tender, not fatty at all (can eat them all the way down to the rib bone) and their sauce is delicious.  Oh before I forget, their cheeseburger and onion rings with a cold cerveza is more than a great lunch!


  • on Rafael Buelna right next to the Dodge dealership. Tacos…yummmmm.

San Kai

  • I just had some of the most incredible sushi ever!! As well as Thai noodles with shrimp. It was unreal!! 5 star by international standards!! I did not think this type of food existed here in Mazatlan!  I came home tonight and I thought I was in a dream that’s how good it was!! I am not going to go on and on I am just going to say one thing TRY THIS PLACE THE CHEF CEASAR WILL BLOW YOUR MIND ON HIS CREATIONS!!  They don’t have a liquor license so bring a bottle of wine if you like but I do believe they have Sapporo beer.  It’s in front of hotel caravelle just before pueblo bonito. Tell chef big Jorge from Vancouver sent you he will make up some extra treats for you. He has only been open 2 weeks and I can see this place being slammed in the near future once word gets out. Open from 1pm to 11pm daily.  Trust me on this one you won’t be disappointed!
  • 2 people no booze 500 pesos...not the cheapest but I have seen sushi such as yoke which is more......but the quality was 1st class presentation everything. I was literally shocked and believe me it takes allot to put me back as far as restaurants go.

Senor Aces

  • Try the Sonoral Filet so very very tender and tasty


Senor Frog's

  • but watch your bill. Extra drinks seem to show up regularly. Note: the first vote for Senor Frog's was for the entertainment, not particularly the food.


  • The veranda at Sheik, the restaurant inside the Valentino's Fiesta Land Complex. Absolutely stunning ocean side location, view, and ambiance. Service is excellent and the overall price is about the same as # 2. I think it's the only place I've ever eaten breakfast in Mazatlan that knows how to properly prepare an omelet. No, I haven't eaten everyplace by a long shot. Unfortunately, one of the most expensive places in Mazatlan for dinner.

Taqueria Martin

  • The suggestion for Tacos Martin (Taqueria Martin) is a good one. It is clean, open till 4 a.m. and never misses on delicious! Won't break the budget either. All taxi drivers know where it is, near the Fisherman's monument.
  • Taqueria Martin - great for cheap tacos, baked potatoes, carne asada, grilled onions and soupy beans, home made tortillas, you watch the women make in front of you.

Te Amo Lucy

ˇ         Visit Te Amo Lucy for Lucy's chicken in mole--one of the two best I've ever eaten.

ˇ         The food was EXCELLANT, inexpensive and the service was a pure delight! I would highly
recommend this restaurant.  The baked potato is the best I have ever had!

ˇ         We enjoyed the queso fundido with mushrooms served with warmed flour tortillas. I would highly recommend
the brocheta. Great quality of beef and cooked just to my liking: pink in the middle, crusty flavor on the edges. 
My daughter reminded me of the chile relleno. Normally, these are served breaded and in a caldo. Te Amo Lucy’s roasted the poblano chile, stuffed it with cheese and chorizo (sausage) and served it on a plate. Again I will say, YUM

ˇ         Lucy's famous platano frito is a plantain sauteed in butter and topped with crema, Mexican brown sugar and cinnamon. It's our signature dessert.

The Bolero Café

  • is approx behind the Freeman Hotel. The restaurant is providing good live Latin music played and sung by...hmmmm forgot his name. The ambiance is cool with lots of art and the food is good. I had the club sandwich. It was chock full of all
    the ingredients. That with a glass of wine ...or two or three..can't remember. It's quiet in there too. No bus, car or truck noise. Check it out sometime.

The Brasil Restaurant

ˇ         (formerly B&W Disco)across from Panama Bakery in the Golden Zone has a great salad bar. I am here to tell all you meat lovers out there there that paradise has arrived in Mazatlan.At 135 pesos this may not be for everyone but if you are craving the red meat (and more) you will not be disappointed. The salad bar is second to none in Mazatlan. Then there are 12 meat courses starting with the bacon wrapped turkey, then sirloin, chorizo, top sirloin, beef filet, sausage, pork loin, chicken hearts and that is as far as anyone got as they were all too full to continue through the 12 kinds of meat. The drinks at 35 to 40 pesos for national drinks and 18 pesos for beer was typical of a medium priced establishment. And did I mention this was an all you can eat restaurant? Try it and then keep coming back for those special occasions when you want to load up on the cholesterol! Buen provecho!

The Inn at Mazatlan

ˇ         (Papagayo) has a very nice buffet breakfast as does Hotel Playa Mazatlan (La Terraza). Also, I've found some pretty good food in the deli sections of some grocery stores.

The Little Jardin Resturante

  • A trip to Mazatlan would not be complete without getting a puerco torta here.  It’s on Insurgentes (2 blocks west of the stoplight at Av. La Marina)

The Place

  • We have eaten at The Place many obviously enjoy it! The prices are reasonable and the food great! We usually went in the evening and had the lobster and steak and all the margaritas you can drink....yum!!! My hubby and friends went for lunch and breakfast and really enjoyed it as well! Yes, it is right close to the Oceana Palace on the right hand side of the road heading south! Enjoy!

ˇ         The Place has a great breakfast.

The Saloon

ˇ         2 for 1 drinks every day 4 to 8.  Wed. spaghetti night.  Fri. is the famous fish fry.  The Saloon has the best burger in town.  Service is ok.  They don’t serve salsa & chips cuz they say “they are an American restaurant”.

The Shrimp Factory

ˇ         never go without visiting The Shrimp Factory (Albert is a great guy) for boiled shrimp to peel & eat, Costa Marinera - the mixed plate for two has


ˇ         I'd like to call your attention to one of the most elegant restaurants in Mazatlan and also one with excellent food and great wines.  It's called Topolo and it's in Centro. Topolo Restaurant and Bar is about the beauty of a garden setting and the delicious flavors of old and contemporary Mexico.  The seafood, poultry and beef dishes are artfully created and
beautifully presented.

Torres Mazatlan

  • The restaurant at Torres Mazatlan (which sits right on the beach) has very good food from an interesting, well thought out menu that you don't find everywhere else, including delicious desserts. They have a Sunday brunch during northern tourist season as well.  The shrimp and avocado sandwich on toast is to die for. They have the best Philly Steak Sandwich I've had in Mazatlan!  Like you say, the setting is incredible. The security is tight at the front gate so you'll have to explain you're there for the restaurant.
  • Torres Mazatlan. (Yes, non-guests are welcome to visit the Palapa and enjoy the sound of crashing waves while they dine.) I think they were called Governor's Championes.  I had never had grilled tortillas like this, but imagine top
    quality cheese, ( of my all time favorites) melted over fresh shrimp inside a tortilla that is then grilled so it's a toasty tasty treat.  They're actually called Tacos Gobernador or Governor's tacos. While they appear only on the
    summer menu, we will make them for you any time. They do take about 30 minutes so be patient!

Twisted Mama’s

ˇ         I would like to put my two cents in to say that I just got back from Twisted Mama"s on Laguna in the GZ.  This is a new restaurant owned and operated by a  Canadian Mother & Daughter team. They served me the best rib dinner that I have had in some time.  This was a special for tonight.  Other specials are like Roast Beef tomorrow night and Rib Eye Steak on Tuesday night.  Surprising enough their regular menu items, for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner have all been good.  My compliments to Cindy and her daughter Courtney for a job well done.

ˇ         I must say that I had the cheeseburger at Twisted Mama's and it was one of the best I have ever had! 200 grams (1/2 pound?) of pure beef with lettuce, tomato AND grilled onions on a homemade bun. It comes with crispy french fries and cole slaw. At 65 pesos it may be considered a little pricey but it is well worth it! My lovely companion had the fish and chips and enjoyed every bite!

ˇ         If you looking for the best Fish and chips in Mazatlan you need to check out Twisted Mama's you won't be disappointed.

ˇ         We ate at Twisted Mama's (Cindy's place) yesterday and it was fabulous.   We had the fish and chips, rib eye and spaghetti and it all was just great and leftovers today were wonderful too.  Don't forget to ask about their special drinks like the Blackberry Margarita I had......... ...yummy.

ˇ         I ate lunch at Twisted Mama's yesterday. The specialty of Fish 'n Chips is as good or better than I have had at various locales around the world. The serving consisted of what appeared to be "too much" – 3 large pieces of fish, fries and delicious cole slaw. The fish was so light that I consumed all without a stuffed feeling afterwards. If you haven't tried it - it's time!

ˇ         Its worth saying again...Its the best fish and chips and slaw I have ever tasted.

ˇ         Happy Hour all Day Long Pacifico, Corona 2 for $25 Pesos, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin 2 for $35 pesos Traditional Margarita's are 2 for $40 pesos.

Villa Italia

  • Try the great home made pizza at Villa Italia across from El Cid. You can watch them make it in the giant wood ovens. A pizza shared between two people with a side salad each makes a complete meal. Good wine list.    


  • Italian, owned by Los Sabalos hotel..and across from the hotel and Joes Oyster Bar. We usually eat there 3 times a week.  There "rack of Lamb" is excellent. They use a lot of goat cheese and eggplant to garnish. Better than Angelo's in Pueblo Bonito.  (and their food is very well prepared) Also, their fish dishes are usually very interestingly prepared, either with roasted peppers in a wine sauce or with pecans and wine sauce.  The Steak filet was also very tender. Sometimes we just go there and have their house salad and a large bowl of minestrone soup.  A perfect lunch. And it is the only place they have PINOT GRIGIO WINE.. and reasonably priced.  The service is good. As we all know, living in Mazatlan, a meal can be great one time and not the next.  I would say Vittores is consistent.  ps.  I would not recommend their pasta's... Maybe the Capallini Pompodoro.  Their sauces are usually bland. (except for the raviolis and maybe lasagne. -  I go to Maz four times a year, and eat there twice a week. I know of othr people that drive in from north of the marina just to eat there. Many times my dinner consists of a glass of cabernet, one of their nice salada , and the very good minestrone. I get hungry thinking of it. Also a nice ambience there, indoors and outdoors. [music on the weekends- piano] - That is one of the few restaurants that I leave Old Town for! Their prices have been going up rather quickly, but still worth it and have never had a bad meal. Their Lasagna is very good also. And the fresh bread they bring you with a platter of oil and vinegar is great also. - I've also enjoyed Vittore's Restaurant and hear very little comment about it.
  • My two cents.  A better Italian restaurant is Vittore's - next to the Cowboy Bar.  A little more expensive, but the service is great and they have a wood fired pizza oven.  Lots of evenings there is live music and they have little extras like free garlic bread and free bottled water.  A large salad and small pizza - enough for two to share - will run about $15.  They also have an excellent selection of wine much of which is reasonably priced.
  • We have found the food at Vittores to be good with good service and if you sit outside, it's great for people watching. Besides, we love the bread with olive oil.




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