~~~ 2-Bedroom Accommodations ~~~

Be sure to also check out 2-bedroom units with additional capacity

The following 2-bedroom units will sleep up to 4 people.

PLEASE NOTE that some Homeowners' Associations restrict occupancy to 2 people per bedroom - please inquire before confirming your booking!  


Costa Bonita Paraiso Costa Bonita - Phase I El Cid Neighborhood
204-A 102-A Tenerife
206-A 103-A C-302
  406-A   202-A   E-301
  503-C 302-A  
102-D 502-A
  103-D 802-A
302-D 502-B La Ventanna
  303-D 602-B 502 
306-D 902-B 703 
403-D 1102-B
Quintas del Mar Paraiso Costa Bonita - Phase II Puesta Del Sol
202   302-A 406
306 402-A
  403   1103-A
606 1002-B Solaria Towers
706 04-3