~~~ 3-Bedroom (or more) Accommodations ~~~

Be sure to also check out 2-bedroom units with additional capacity

The following units all have at least 3 bedrooms and sleep 6 people or more.  

PLEASE NOTE that some Homeowners' Associations restrict occupancy to 2 people per bedroom - please inquire before confirming your booking!  

(Additional capacity is indicated)

El Cid Neighborhood Paraiso Costa Bonita - Phase I
  Puerto España   801-A
31   103-B
  34     903-B  
  Tenerife   1101-B  
D-102 Penthouse 1-A (4 bedrooms)
F-201 (plus futon in TV room) Paraiso Costa Bonita - Phase II
Other El Cid 001-A
Marina Caiman 7-B 401-A
Residencial Burgos 5 601-A
José Velasco 1516 203-B
Ocean Palms
400 Quintas del Mar
801 Villa 53
901 Villa 115
Real del Mar #98 (plus sofa bed in den)
Sábalo Country Neighborhood
Av. Langosta #1323 Marina Gardens
Av. Mojarra #5220 3211
Puesta Del Sol