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Owning property in Mexico is safe and much easier than many people think.  Thousands of Americans and Canadians own homes in Mexico, and hundreds of them are right here in Mazatlán.   We fell in love with this city's friendly people, great climate, beautiful shoreline, charming historic district, and thriving non-tourist economy.  We're far from alone!  Many people enjoy having their very own vacation getaway, or are renting their Mexican home while planning their eventual retirement here.

Some of our client-owners currently have their homes listed for sale.  We are rental agents - not realtors.  But if you send us an e-mail at mkpeters@mazinfo.com , and we'll direct you to the listing agent for more information.   Unless noted, all of these properties are also currently on the rental market.

El Cid - Club del Sol #602

Quintas del Mar #507

Quintas del Mar #706

Quintas del Mar #903

Playa Escondida #133

(not currently rented by Sinaloa Sun)

 We look forward to meeting you in beautiful Mazatlán!  

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