Drinking the Night Away in Mazatlán
      If you're going for a few drinks and a "party" atmosphere, you can't go wrong anywhere in the Golden Zone. If you're looking for cheap beers and local color, head for Old Town and do some bar hopping with the locals.

Bars: Usually nicer than cantinas; they also usually offer food; ladies are usually welcome; and you can expect to pay 7.50 to 10.00 pesos per beer. Nicer outdoor bars along the ocean or with live music usually charge 12-15 pesos for beer. Take the Sábalo Centro bus downtown. Get off around the central market (Mercado) area. You can walk around to all the places listed here. If you plan to head back after the buses stop at 10:00 or 10:30, a taxi ride will still only cost about 40-50 pesos to the Golden Zone.

Downtown Bars:
at Serdán and Escobedo. Ladies are welcome. The walls are covered with historic photos of Mazatlán; generally has live music at "botana time" and notice that the menu on the wall includes Spam and Cheese Whiz.

Video Bar Los Faroles at A. Flores and Carnaval. Big-screen sports TV. They also serve great shrimp snack plates. This is another one where the ladies will feel comfortable, although sometimes fights break out in the evening during heated sporting events.

Cantinas: Usually drinks only, no food. Cantinas are "down and dirty" drinking: spit on the floor, and don't be surprised if the guy next to you pees on your shoe. Cantinas are more of a "guy thing" and ladies won't feel as comfortable here (in fact, are not welcome in many). Expect to pay about 5.00 to 7.00 pesos per beer in the cantinas. Some have "table dancing" where the waitresses will dance on top of your table for a tip of about 30 pesos. Try Pitukas one block east of the Market on Melchor Ocampo; and Olympia at B. Juárez and Angel Flores. Amistad is a cantina across the street from Edgars. Bar Olympia is one block from Banamex downtown and has a pool table. Antigua is on Angel Flores between the two main streets of downtown (B. Juarez and A. Serdan). There are many cantinas scattered about the downtown area and working your way down Zaragoza and Morelos toward the Fisherman's Statue. Best not to try the cantinas alone late at night. A helpful phrase for your quickly-made new "amigos" is: "Ir mitad mitad" which means "to go fifty fifty."

Peso-Stretcher (Golden Zone): Look for a small super market like one across the street from Valentinos. Buy ice-cold Pacifico ballenas (.945 ml) for about 15-18 pesos. They’ll charge 5 pesos for bottle deposit which you get back when you return the bottle and receipt. Watch the surfers from the Malecón while you enjoy your beer.

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