Eating Out in the Golden Zone, Mazatlan
      There are too many excellent restaurants for us to mention all of them here. Everywhere you go you'll see interesting and delightful little places. Don't be afraid to try them.

If this is your first trip to Mexico, you may be worried about purified water, ice cubes and cleanliness. All water and ice cubes served in restaurants and bars is purified, and it is generally OK to eat salads, fruits and vegetables in better restaurants. Use your common sense. A street stand selling tacos for three pesos, that only has a bucket of water for washing hands, utensils, etc., is more likely to give you Montezuma's revenge than a permanent restaurant with running water. (I eat often at the stand-up taco bars...but if you’re visiting for just a week, you probably don’t want to chance it.)

Here are some of our favorite places to eat, starting with the most expensive and getting cheaper as you go down the list: (Please note. This guide accepts no advertising and these listings are our choices, where we pay to go eat! Also note, we mention more places in the downtown area since the prices are so low. It's easy to stumble into many tourist places in the Golden Zone and even though the prices are higher, the food quality and "resort" atmosphere are great.)

Poncho's (on the beach). My favorite place in the Golden Zone to take visitors for lunch. The view is nice, the prices are reasonable and the food is great. I like the fish prepared Veracruzana style, with tomatoes, onions and other veggies in a sauce on top of the fish, cooked in tin foil.

Panamá. Camarón-Sábalo and Las Garzas. Probably the number one recommended eatery for visitors and is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Everyone will feel comfortable here. Don't worry about cleanliness, etc. The food is great, the place is very clean, the menu is extensive, and the prices are very reasonable. You won't find any friendlier or more service-oriented staff than here! Check out the day's specials which run approximately 40 pesos. Panamá is also one of the best pastry bakeries in town, so check out their goodies for desert! My favorite for breakfast is Huevos Bravos--similar to Eggs Benedict with two eggs on top of pork loin on top of Panama's bread with everything smothered in a yummy cheese sauce. Under 40 pesos and filling!

La Casa Country.  Fun place in the Golden Zone for steaks, ribs, grilled chicken and seafood. The country combo is reasonably priced for the GZ and is delicious. They are now located in a new building across the street from the Holiday Inn Hotel. The waiters take a little break and give you a floor show with white cowboy hats and country/western line dancing. 

Señor Frogs. Av. Del Mar halfway between Golden Zone and Downtown. It's hard to not include this place in a guide about Mazatlán. Not necessarily because the food or prices are special, but because no matter where you are in Mazatlán you'll see the official Señor Frog's stores selling all kinds of "souvenir wear." Considering that you are frequenting one of Mazatlán's biggest tourist spots, the menu is good, the party atmosphere is fun, and after dinner, enjoy drinking and dancing in their disco bar.

Gus & Gus (pronounced goose goose...not sure why they leave out the "and"). Great spot across from the Costa de Oro Hotel. Sidewalk cafe feel to it, although it is mostly covered. Mexican dishes, snacks, reasonably priced beer. Many evenings offer live music. 

The Sheik is in the Valentino's complex and offers a stunning veranda setting complete with waterfall behind you and ocean waves all around you. I haven't eaten here for dinner because it is a bit pricey and I've heard mixed reviews from friends who have. I enjoy breakfast there with out-of-towners because of the view and the prices are reasonable. If you're not expecting the Eggs Benedict or the biscuits to be just like up north, then you will enjoy it. The omelets are great.

Jungle Juice. One block away from the beach from the Sr. Frog's main store. Great breakfasts and lunch specials. I haven't eaten there yet for dinner. Nice people and reasonable prices. 

Villa Italia. I'm including this because I've heard from several people that they loved the pizza here. I wasn't impressed. But I seem to be in the minority on this one. Across the street from El Cid. 

Casa Loma. Most of my friends tell me this is one of the nicest places to eat in Mazatlan. Haven't made it there myself. I hear it's a bit pricey for someone on a budget like me. From the Dairy Queen, turn away from the beach and keep going about ten blocks up into the residential area. 

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