Welcome to Mazatlán!

This Visitor’s Guide will help you get the most out of Mexico's "Pearl of the Pacific." While sensible caution is always recommended, relax and enjoy the experience! You'll find the "Mazatlecos" very friendly and helpful.

Be sure to enjoy a stroll along the Malecón. This beachside boulevard extends approximately 17 kilometers (10 miles) and is the longest such ocean walkway in Mexico. Mazatlán boasts the second highest lighthouse in the world (El Faro) and the third largest Mardi Gras or "Carnaval" in the world, after Rio and New Orleans. Enjoy!

  Brief History of Mazatlan  
    Emergency Phone Contacts
    Tips and Hints
     What about the Water?
     Money Exchange
     Telephones / Post
  Getting Around
Bus Route Locator
     Tour Companies
     Do-It-Yourself for Free
  Eating Out / Golden Zone
Eating Out / Centro
Sampling of Basic Mexican Dishes
     Large Shopping Centers
     Centro / Mercado
    Metric Conversion Tables
     Money Exchange Rates
    Helpful Spanish Phrases  

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